Allied Health — Paraprofessional

Under the umbrella of the Nursing program are a number of allied health programs enabling individuals to gain the education and training needed to gain entry to various nursing-related professions.       Grades of C or better are required in all courses for a certificate  from the allied health department.

Nurse Assistant Training (CO) : 6 credits, one semester. There is no selection process.

Prepares individuals to work in hospitals, extended care facilities, private nursing agencies, and home health agencies under supervision of an LPN or RN. Graduates are eligible to take the Certification Examination by the American Red Cross.

Pharmacy Technician (CO):  22 credits, three semesters. There is no selection process.

Prepares individuals as pharmacy technicians. Includes preparation to take the National Certification Exam.

Nurse Assistant faculty:

Kathleen Mumford, MBA, RN

Pharm Tech faculty:

Valerie Matsunaga, PharmD, BCPS