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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does being part of Pai Ka Mana, Student Support Services Program cost?

NOTHING! The program is free to all eligible students.

How can I apply?

Students wishing to apply may complete an online application by clicking on the application in the side bar. We are in the Pai Ka Mana office located in the Laulima 210. You may also call or email Pai Ka Mana for any further questions.


What is Supplemental Grant Aid?

Supplemental Grant Aid are funds from our federal grant specifically set aside for Pai Ka Mana, Student Support Services Program students. You must be Pell eligible and fulfill Pai Ka Mana requirements to receive supplemental grant aid.

Who gets Supplemental Grant Aid?

First priority students that receive Supplemental Grant Aid are qualified and eligible freshmen. Next, there is a ranking of qualified and eligible students done by Pai Ka Mana based upon the number of credits completed by each student.

How much Supplemental Grant Aid can I receive?

Supplemental Grant Aid amounts vary from student to student and it is based upon a student’s unmet need. For further clarification, please contact Pai Ka Mana staff.

Do I have to meet with my Academic Support Specialist?

Yes! The Academic Support Specialists are here for you. They offer support and guidance for you and your family throughout your academic career with our program. You must meet with your Academic Support Specialist at least twice (2) each semester.

When can I go to the Manoa Experience and/or the UH Hilo Tour?

Pai Ka Mana takes up to 10 transfer ready students each year on the Manoa Experience and/or the UH Hilo tour during the spring semester. The key is to be “transfer ready”, which means that you have acquired enough credits to transfer into a four year university/college campus.

Does Pai Ka Mana SSSP serve high school students as well?

Unfortunately we don’t, we are not allowed to serve any high school students the population that we are allowed to serve are students who are currently enrolled and registered with University of Hawaii Maui College.

What if I didn’t file for taxes in the most recent year?

If you did not file taxes in the most recent year that you are applying to our program, then you will need to complete the Income Eligibility Section of the online program application.

When does Pai Ka Mana SSSP take applications?

Pai Ka Mana Student Support Service Program accepts applications to our program through out the whole academic year (Fall and Spring semester).

Is Pai Ka Mana SSSP open during the summer time?

Yes, Pai Ka Mana SSSP is open during the summer time and we are available to students, but no requirements (contacts and workshops) are needed during summer sessions.

What would I need to do to apply to Pai Ka Mana SSSP?

You would need to fill out an application to our program, located on the sidebar. You will need to fill out the application as completely as possible leaving nothing blank. Leaving areas blank will only delay your application process. Then you must submit a copy of your most recent federal income tax forms (e.g. 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ), social security card along with your picture ID.

How is a student eligible for Pai Ka Mana SSSP?

A student is eligible for Pai Ka Mana SSSP by being either one or all of the following:

  1. Low-income
  2. First generation (where neither of your parents received a 4 year degree)
  3. A student with a documented disability with the disability services counselor here on the UHMC campus.

       *Students must have an academic need (e.g. low diagnostic test scores, low GPA, GED, etc.