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Supplemental Grant Aid is a fund that is specifically set aside for eligible students of Pai Ka Mana, Student Support Services. The goal for grant aid is to reduce attrition among disadvantaged students by reducing their unmet financial needs and reducing the amount of loans they must borrow.

Students must be a current participant in Pai Ka Mana to apply for student support services grant aid. A full or part-time student can receive grant aid as well. Other eligibility requirements are:

  • Student must be receiving a Pell Grant with remaining “unmet need”*
  • Student must be in the first two years of postsecondary education
    • If a student is beyond the first two years of postsecondary education, certain stipulations must be fulfilled

Pai Ka Mana determines the selection criteria for supplemental grant aid recipients. The selection criteria encompass a student’s G.P.A., attendance at Pai Ka Mana activities, and the grant aid application form.

Supplemental grant aid, when added to other aid, cannot exceed the recipient’s cost of attendance at University of Hawaii Maui College.

*Unmet need is determined by University of Hawaii Maui College’s Financial Aid office. For more information, please visit the Financial Aid website.