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Welcome to Prior Learning Assessment

Not all learning takes place in a classroom. UH Maui College recognizes that you might have gained significant knowledge through your previous employment, military service, independent study or personal experiences that’s equivalent to college-level work. Students may be able to earn up to 30 credits through Prior Learning Assessment if their learning matches requirements for courses taught at the college.

Make an appointment today to learn if you might qualify for college credit.

Contact a PLA Advisor

  • Schedule an appointment with a PLA advisor.
  • Decide with the advisor which UH Maui College courses you want prior learning credit for and which PLA method to use.
  • Your PLA advisor will work with appropriate faculty to approve the PLA request.
  • Upon approval, pay any required fees.
  • Take exam or submit evidence of non collegiate sponsored training.
  • Registrar’s office awards credit/no credit.