Programs Degrees Program Description
Accounting ACC CA, AAS Catalog – ACC
Administration of Justice CO, CA, AAS Catalog – AJ
Agriculture and Natural Resources CO, CC, CA, AAS Catalog – AG
Allied Health Co, CC, CA, AS Catalog – AH
Applied Business & Information Technology ABIT BAS Catalog – ABIT
Auto Body Repair and Painting CC, CA, AAS Catalog – ABRP
Automotive Technology CO, CA, AAS Catalog – AMT
Baking CO, AAS
Business Careers CO, CA, AAS Catalog – BUSC
Business Technology BUSN CO, CC, CA, AAS Catalog – BUSN
Culinary Arts CULN CO, CC, CA, AAS Catalog – CULN
Dental Assisting DENT CC Catalog – DENT
Dental Hygiene DH AS Catalog – DH
Early Childhood Education CO, CC, CA, AS Catalog – DH
Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology ECET CC, CA, AS Catalog – ECET
Engineering Technology ENGT BAS Catalog – ECET
Fashion Technology CC, CA, AAS Catalog – FT
Floriculture & Landscape Maintenance CA, AAS Catalog – AG
Horticulture & Landscape Maintenance CA, AAS Catalog – AG
Hospitality and Tourism HOST CC, CA, AAS Catalog – HOST
Human Services CO, CA, AS Catalog – HSER
Information Processing Specialty AAS Catalog – BUSN
Liberal Arts AA, ASC Catalog – LBRT
Legal Office Specialty AAS Catalog – BUSN
Natural Science AS Catalog – ASNS
Nursery Management CA Catalog – AG
Practical Nurse NURS CA Catalog – AH
Registered Nurse NURS AS Catalog – AH
Restaurant Supervision AAS Catalog
Substance Abuse Counseling CO, CC, CA, AS Catalog – HSER
Sustainable Tropical Crop Management CC, CA, AAS Catalog – AG
Sustainable Construction Technology Program CA, CC, CO, & AAS Catalog – SCT
Sustainable Science Management BAS Catalog – SSM
Therapeutic Activity Aide CO, CC Catalog – AH


Abbreviation Key – Degree

AA Associate of Arts
AAS Associate of Applied Science
AS Associate in Science
ASC Academic Subject Certificate
ATS Associate in Technical Studies
BAS Bachelors of Applied Science
CO Certificate of Competence
CC Certificate of Completion
CA Certificate of Achievement