Sustainable Science Management

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The real question may be: "Do we know what sustainability really is?". We know our best science has identified unsustainable conditions which threaten our world and even our existence. Even doing our best, various factors impede our getting it right. Realistically, sustainability requires that we accept uncertanity and our limitaitons, with a commitment to improve on a continuing basis. The bottom line is, sustainability is all about humans; we cause the problems and we can find the answers. And truth be known, it is our own sustainability at stake.

Program Overview

Bachelor of Applied Science / 120 credits

Studying sustainability is a rich and provocative undertaking. Preparing for leadership in a complex dynamic world requires new expertise and understanding.

Maui’s beautiful ocean boundaries frame and provoke our adaptability to community issues and global challenges in a unique island setting. Sustainability science has become recognized as one of the fastest-growing careers, applicable to a wide variety of fields, and providing skills in meaningful work for the future. Bring your interests and join the sustainable science management (SSM) program!

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the functions, inter-relationships, and limitations of human-developed and naturally occurring systems.
  2. Utilize systems and sustainability science tools to solve complex problems and design durable responses.
  3. Understand contemporary legal, technological, economic, cultural, and ethical infrastructure as it impacts sustainability.
  4. Utilize conventional and emerging methods to measure sustainability aspects of behaviors.
  5. Integrate transdisciplinary knowledge; across cultural, social, and educational realms; to identify and implement sustainable practices.

Success Stories

“The SSM program has afforded me a rare vantage point that broadened my understanding of issues I face daily. By having this holistic view, I can confidently navigate the hurdles in my personal life, as well as my professional life. Using the knowledge I’ve gained from the SSM program I can position myself to achieve my goals and live my dreams.” 

Nicolas Timpone, SSM Alumni 2016


Careers & Education after taking this program:

Program graduates can pursue careers in a wide range of areas, both in the public and private sector, as well as within and outside of Hawai'i. Recent graduates have obtained jobs as: teachers, entrepreneurs, resource managers, sustainability coordinators, and other sustainability-related posistions. Recent graduates have pursued graduate education in: Education, Law, and Sustainability.

Source, SSM program graduate data based on exit interviews and email contacts, during the period 2016-2018.

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Eri Nomura, SSM Counselor

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Tim Botkin, Program Coordinator

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Meagan Jones, Faculty

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