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Resource 25, also known as R25 is a room scheduler that UHMC has put in place to manage campus facilities and has replaced the campus iCal System. The new scheduling system is much more reliable and minimizes scheduling conflicts by automatically pulling class schedules from Banner. R25 will also allow us to easily analyze room availability to improve campus facility utilization.

R25 is comprised of two parts:
  • Web Viewer – The web viewer provides campus room details and availability. The general public can access the web viewer by following this link r25.its.hawaii.edu/maui.
  • Room Scheduler Application – This is a desktop application which allows users to create, delete, and manage campus room reservation. In effort to minimize scheduling conflicts access to this application is limited to department secretaries and administrators. If you wish to schedule a room, please notify your department secretary or administrator and they will create the reservation on your behalf.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding R25 please do not hesitate to contact UHMC Help at uhmchelp@hawaii.edu .

R25 Help Resources
Here you will find links to helpful R25 resources
R25 Web Viewer
  • R25 Web viewer – A web interface which allows faculty and staff to current view room reservations.
Room Scheduler Application
Currently, the R25 Scheduling application is available for Department Secretaries and Administrators. If you fit either of those classifications, please email uhmchelp@hawaii.edu with a request for access. Once your request has been approved and an account established, you will be emailed your R25 credentials.