Adding Classes 
To officially add a class, you need to access your MyUH account to process the add. If the class is closed, the instructor’s approval is required in order to enroll. Give your instructor your UH ID. Once faculty approval is secured, you must still register for the course either via MyUH account or in-person at the Admissions and Records Office, Ho’okipa Building (for a $5 fee). All deadlines related to adding are on the Academic Calendar.

If you need help, visit the How to add courses tutorial.

Dropping Classes
To officially drop a class, you need to access your MyUH account to process the withdrawal by the posted deadline. All deadlines related to dropping semester long courses are on the Academic Calendar.

If you need help, visit the Dropping a course tutorial.

You cannot drop your last remaining class from your home institution through your MyUH account. To drop your last class, complete and submit the Complete Withdrawal Form-need form to the Admissions and Records Office by the appropriate deadline. UH-Maui College will only UH-Maui College courses. If you are also enrolled in courses at other UH campuses, drop those courses using your MyUH account.

As soon as you know you will not be attending a class, you should officially drop it so that you won’t receive a failing grade. A grade of “F” may be issued to students for courses they are no longer attending but have not officially dropped. A grade of “W” will be issued to students for courses they officially drop by the deadline. You are responsible for paying for your tuition and fees for the courses you are enrolled in regardless if you are attending or not. Details on dropping all your classes– need link.

Cancelled Classes 
For information on cancelled classes, please check the UHMC Class Availability lists posted and updated daily on the web site. Notices will also be posted at the scheduled meeting place for each class that has been cancelled.

Closed Classes 
Closed classes are those that are already filled to capacity. Check the UHMC Class Availability for daily updates. In order to enroll in a closed class, a student must first get the approval of the faculty member then must register for the class using their MyUH account.