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Student Tech Fee Committee

University of Hawaii-Maui College-Student Tech Fee Committee Chair: Bryan Hieda Student Representatives: Joey Andrews, Gregory Balinbin, and Shawn Coad Faculty/Staff Members: Mike Albert, Kristine Korey-Smith, Dean Louie, Melvin Nicolas, Derek Snyder, and Dennis Tanga     Do you have an idea that would help your students? Then first check out the information regarding guidelines for proposals and submit a proposal form, if your idea fits within the guidelines. Check out the “Request Guidelines and Fund Proposal Form” page.  You know it won’t be funded if you don’t apply…so improve the odds & APPLY! Anyone (faculty, lecturers, & staff) may submit a proposal to be considered!  Please get your proposals submitted early in the semester if possible. Proposals may be submitted at anytime – funding will occur as money is available.

Registration Info

Adding Classes  To officially add a class, you need to access your MyUH account to process the add. If the class is closed, the instructor’s approval is required in order to enroll. Give your instructor your UH ID. Once faculty approval is secured, you must still register for the course either via MyUH account or in-person at the Admissions and Records Office, Ho'okipa Building (for a $5 fee). All deadlines related to adding are on the Academic Calendar. If you need help, visit the How to add courses tutorial. Dropping Classes To officially drop a class, you need to access your MyUH account to process the withdrawal by the posted deadline. All deadlines related to dropping semester long courses are on the Academic Calendar. If you need help, visit the Dropping a course tutorial. You cannot drop your last remaining class from your home institution through your MyUH account. To drop your last class, complete and submit the Complete Withdrawal Form-need form to the Admissions and Records Office by the appropriate deadline. UH-Maui College will only UH-Maui College courses. If you are also enrolled in courses at other UH campuses, drop those courses using your MyUH account. As soon as you know you will not be attending a class, you should officially drop it so that you won't receive a failing grade. A grade of “F” may be issued to students for courses they are no longer attending but have not officially dropped. A grade of “W” will be issued to students for courses they officially drop by the deadline. You are responsible for paying for your tuition and fees for the courses you are enrolled in regardless if you are attending or not. Details on dropping all your classes- need link. Cancelled Classes  For information

UH-Maui College Campus Health Center

The Campus Health Center provides affordable and accessible health care to UHMC students, faculty and staff. The facility is managed by Denise L. Cohen, APRN, a Nurse Practitioner, with emphasis on health promotion. HMSA, HMAA, UHA and most other insurances are accepted. The center is unable to accept Kaiser or other HMO insurances. Please call to see if your insurance is accepted. Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are welcome. To book an appointment or for more info, call 984-3493. Admission Health Requirements Health Clearance Form (Download) Hepatitis B Informational Video (Download Real Player) Flu Video [44MB] (Download Real Player) The Campus Health Center is an approved family planning facility for the state Department of Health, offering low-cost pap tests, birth control options information and administration, pregnancy testing, and prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Also provided are physical examinations for school, sports, Coast Guard, Nursing and Dental Program students, and others. The UHMC Health Center provides vaccinations and TB testing. Preference is give to those with appointments. Call 808-984-3493. The University of Hawaii Maui College Campus Health Center provides: Diagnosis and treatment for minor illnesses or injuries such as influenza, sore throat, UTI and lacerations; Free or low-cost pap tests, birth control options, pregnancy testing, prevention and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and emergency contraception; TB testing as well as a wide variety of adult vaccinations discounted fro students, faculty, and staff. (Parental consent is required for students under the age of 18.) TB Clinic: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri from 9 - 4 pm or by appointment (except Thursdays) . Measles titers or vaccinations: by appointment. Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm. Phone: 984-3493 Location: Center located behind Carpentry Building. Show map All applicants must: Follow Hawai’i

Information Services & Technology

  Like UHMCIT on Facebook and follow us on  Twitter!         IS&T Vision                                                        IS&T Mission                                            IS&T enhances teaching, learning and student engagement through technology. IS&T will provide dynamic, emerging and practical solutions to every member of UHMC community and to promote student learning anytime and anywhere on campus.  Advance UHMC's mission by providing foundational IS&T, media and instructional design services that makes it easy for UHMC community to inspire students to develop knowledge and skills in pursuit of academic, career and personal goals.    Our Department is...              How Do I...                                Computing Services Instructional Design Services Library Services Media Services IS&T Faculty & Staff Get a UH username Get a Cable Box (Distance Learning)-pick up at Kaaike 220 Connect to UHMC Wireless network Locate wireless hot spots on campus Register for UHMC Wireless Pass-Through Get Anti-Virus Software Get Graduation Incentive Forward my UH email to my personal email account? Sign-up for UH-Alerts Can't find your questions? Email us at  Students can get help at...            Faculty & Staff can get help with...     Library The Learning Center Ka Lama Computer Lab Ho'okahua Student Center (STEM) Math Computer Lab Kaiao Student Success Center Bookstore-offers students discounted prices on software licenses for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft 2011 for Mac. See

Personal Support Counseling

Aloha, and welcome to UH Maui College Personal Support Counseling. Student success is a core value of UH Maui College. To help students meet their educational and career goals, the college offers a variety of programs and services on campus. One of the essential and fundamental services for students is personal support counseling. Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Personal Support Counseling Services will make every effort to provide prompt service. Initial appointments with a counselor are made as soon as possible, usually within a week. Emergencies, of course, are seen immediately. UHMC's Personal Support Counseling office is available on the Kahului campus for students interested in short-term, individual, group, or couples counseling and crisis services. We are available for students experiencing emotional, developmental, or psychological concerns, problems in adjusting, and other factors that affect their ability to achieve academic and personal goals. We also offer counseling support to students experiencing crisis involving traumatic events and emotional distress. We provide a safe, confidential setting to allow for individual growth through a positive therapeutic relationship. No cost services to students of UH Maui. Referrals to outside services in the community are provided when necessary. The primary goals of our Services include but are not limited to Crisis Intervention for students Short-term counseling after the crisis for 8-10 weeks In-service or professional development. For faculty and staff through partnerships and teaming with community Classroom presentations and orientation sessions Promote positive health and wellness through outreach and prevention Provide health and wellness services to a diverse range of students to enhance their lives and promote social, personal, and academic growth Consultation to any student, faculty, or staff Counseling is a process of


$README: (This is invisible) HOME STEPS TO APPLY TRANSFER CREDIT INTERNATIONAL ORDER TRANSCRIPT FORMS International Students Aloha and Welcome to University of Hawaii Maui College! University of Hawaii Maui College is an accredited, government approved degree-granting college that enrolls approximately 3400 students per semester. Located on one of the world’s most beautiful islands, UHMC boasts numerous award-winning programs including culinary arts, hospitality and tourism, electronics and computer engineering, nursing, and more. As reflected by a MetLife Foundation Best Practices Award, both the faculty and student support services staff are committed to helping students achieve their academic goals and career success. UHMC is a beautiful and safe campus located in Kahului, Maui, approximately two miles from the main airport. Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, with land area of 729 square miles. The island’s population of 117,644 is diverse, with an ethnic mix of 36% Caucasian and 23% Japanese, followed by Hawaiian, Chinese, and Filipino. Maui has 81 accessible beaches for educational and recreational activities. Download our International Student Packet to learn more! Follow these steps to start your journey at UH Maui College Step 1. SUBMIT ONLINE SYSTEM APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION Complete the Online Application There is a non-transferable, non-refundable $25 application fee Application Deadlines for ALL International Students: Fall term: July 1 Spring term: November 1 Step 2. SUBMIT SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION FORM Download Supplemental Information Form [PDF] Submit this completed form, along with the other requested items below to: UH Maui College Admissions and Records Office 310 W. Kaʻahumanu Avenue Kahului, HI  96732 STEP 3. OBTAIN EVIDENCE OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT Obtain a letter from your bank or your sponsor's bank (on bank stationary) verifying savings

Budget Committee

The UHMC Academic Senate Budget Committee has representation from across campus. Its purpose is to review projected annual, biennial, long term budgets, Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), and master plans; identify resource allocation based on the mission, plans, and goals of the college articulated in the strategic plan and recommended by the Planning committee; advise the Academic Senate regarding budget development and fund allocations; and fulfill other related duties as assigned by the Senate. Meetings: Typically 3rd Fridays of each month 9:00 - 10:30am in Ka'a'ike 210. (Spring 16: Feb. 19 / Mar. 18 / Ap. 15) ACADEMIC SENATE BUDGET COMMITTEE Member Roll / Affiliation   (*non-voting members)              Name                                                       Affiliation/Representation Angela Gannon (Administrative Affairs, representing Civil Sr Unit #3) Anne Scharnhorst (Allied Health / Nursing) Cindy Yamamoto* (Business Office APT Unit #8) David Tamanaha* (VC Administrative Affairs) Derek Snyder (English) Elaine Yamashita* (Strategic Planning Co-chair, Early Childhood) Flora Mora Registrar (Registrar, APT #8) Jan Moore (Business/HOST) Kaleikoa Ka’eo (Humanities) Karen Hanada (UH Center Director/ OCET) Kelley Dudoit (Molokai-Ed Center Coordinator / Outreach) Laura Nagle* (Strategic Planning Co-Chair, English) Lee Stein (Social Science, Human Services) Mariah Rapanot-Mcguire* (UPW / United Public Worker Unit #1 / O&M) Michele Katsutani (Non-Instructional Faculty / AS / Counseling) Mike Albert (Media Center / IT / Interim VCIT) Refugio Gonzalez* (Budget Committee chair, ABIT) Sue Feltz (OCET) Susan Tokunaga* (Personnel, Unit #8) Thomas Hussey (Automotive Technology / CTE) Timothy Botkin (STEM) Sean Phillips * (Student Government / ECET)

Strategic Directions Preparation

Preparation for the UHMC 2015-2021 Strategic Directions   The UHMC 2015-2021 Strategic Directions Document has been a collaborative effort and a result of campus feedback sessions, Strategic Planning events, as well as the re-accreditation process. UH System Strategic Directions Document UHCC System Strategic Directions Document WASC Senior Colleges and University Accreditation Documents with UHMC Achieving the Dream Hawai’i Papa Ke Ao Campus Feedback Sessions October 2014 -December 2014 CLICK HERE TO SEE COMPILED FEEDBACK NOTES Strategic Planning Event Invitation Strategic Planning Academic Summary Strategic Planning Agenda and Framing Questions Strategic Planning Business Summary Strategic Planning Student Services Summary Strategic Planning IT Summary Attendee List WASC Planning Meeting Agenda Responses Standard 1 Responses Standard 2 Responses Standard 3 Responses Standard 4 Themes that emerged from the WASC retreat Faculty and Staff Strategic Plan Strategic Action Plan Team Reports 2005 Strategic Plan.pdf Team A.pdf 2006-07 Priority Order Action Strategies Team B.pdf Strategic Plan Outcomes Team C.pdf Strategic Plan 2004-2005 Priorities Team D.pdf More Priorities (Internet Explorer Only) Team E.pdf Community Forum Presentation 10-2005 (5.6MB Flash file) Team F.pdf Team G.pdf Progress Reports Team H.pdf Progress Report 10/2004 Team I. pdf Progress Report 10/2004 Part II Team J. pdf Progress Report 10/2005 Team K.pdf Team L.pdf Team M.pdf 2006 Team A Team B Team C.pdf Excel Team D Team E Team F Team G Team H Team I


Love to sing, play an instrument, slam poetry, do magic tricks, stand-up comedy, karaoke, act, dance – hula? Come perform (or just watch) at The Music Club of University of Hawaii – Maui College Wednesday November 18, 5 – 8 pm, Student Lounge. This popular open mic event for the last three years will be part of the International Day on campus in November. All UHMC students, staff and faculty are invited along with the whole community of Maui. All talents, All ages. Free admission and free food. This is a family event. During the day the UH Maui College International Day will include performances featuring cultural dances, singing, music and crafts from Cameroon, China, India, Japan, Korea and the Philippines between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm in Multi-Purpose Room and then continue into the evening with the open mic where the UHMC chorus and Institute for Hawaiian Musicians will give a special performances and surprise talent from the Maui community too! The Music Club’s open mic will have the UHMC chorus start the evening with a performance of popular favorites where the audience can sing a long including a Beatles medley mashups and even the song "Imagine" sung in Hawaiian. Institute for Hawaiian Musician will have a guest performer and other surprise guest performers from Maui community to contribute to the evening’s festivities. “This is the third year we have held open mics” says Karyn Sarring, advisor to The Music Club. “So many open mics are just for music, held late at night and is not for family. We wanted to showcase all the different talents in our community and provide an opportunity for all of UH-MC performance classes (music, drama and language) and

University of Hawaii Maui College Executive Summary 2013-14

Instruction For academic year 2013-14, the Career and Technical Education (CTE) and the Liberal Arts programs submitted a total of 24 instructional and three developmental program reviews. Each CTE review included a special emphasis on an overall assessment of their outcomes at both the course and program levels. As a result of this program review process, during the 2013-14 academic year, programs continue to make progress mapping their courses to the Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) of their program, and each program continues to seek validation and support of their PLOs from their respective advisory committees. Additionally, programs have begun mapping college-wide student learning outcomes (CASLOs) into their course and program analysis, and will continue to align each to Institutional Learning Outcomes that have been developed through a campus-wide process led by our Strategic Planning Committee. For academic year 2013-14, special emphasis was placed on Information Literacy. Health call indicators continued to improve during the 2013-14 period.  Eight programs were classed as healthy (five more than last year), 11 were ranked as cautionary (two less than last year), and no programs received an overall unhealthy rating (down two from the previous year). The college met four of the six Perkins indicators for 2013-14, falling short in 1P1 (Technical Skills Attainment), and 4P1 (Student Placement). All seven of the Community Colleges failed to meet the 4P1 indicator, therefore it will received priority Perkins funding for the 2015-16 proposal year. Department Chairs, Program Coordinators, Counselors, and Career Link have been made aware of these deficiencies and have been challenged to improve these during the 2015-2016 academic year, and to address them in their next program reviews. Support Programs UH Maui College Academic Support programs including the four outreach