And what about Maui makes it of interest?

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And what about Maui makes it of interest?


On Maui, sustainability is necessarily in the minds of residents, leaders and business groups.

Maui’s strongest economic driver, tourism, is based upon attracting people to what is always voted among the most attractive islands in the world. There is an underlying vested interest in the high quality of the beaches, reefs, land development, transportation and energy systems and available water supply, just to name a few.

> In a two-year span, Maui increased its renewable energy production from below 10% to over 30%.
> Waste and wastewater practices have been challenged and require innovation.
> Efficient transportation alternatives are near-term priorities.
> With 85% of food imported, local food production is a critical need, but must resolve water, land, and workforce supply issues.

Maui is a hotbed of sustainability discussion, ideas and innovation, catalyzing national and global leadership in sustainability science.

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