What is Sustainability Science?

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What is Sustainability Science?


Sustainability Science: The rigorous application of critical analyses via scientific method and systems thinking, across all disciplines relevant to a contemporary issue, in order to identify values and design solutions which reinforce the coexistence of both human societies and natural systems in perpetuity.

Historically, scientific inquiry pursues knowledge for its own sake, using scientific method to ensure a rigorous search for new fact. Other disciplines like philosophy, humanities or politics may seek to determine wherein lay our values, or what ‘should be’.

Sustainability science bridges these concepts, applying the rigor of scientific method to determine both the facts of our circumstances and what ends we should pursue; in other words our values. Focusing on the interactions between humans and the ecosystems on which we rely allows us to derive facts and values intended to sustain our natural systems and meet critical human needs in the face of change and increasing complexity.

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