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Strategic Planning Assessment Committee Members

  • Amir Amiraslani, Math Faculty
  • Debra Nakama, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
  • Lui Hokoana, Chancellor
  • David Grooms, Interim Assistant Dean of Instruction
  • David Tamanaha, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services
  • Debasis Bhattacharya, IT faculty and IT representative
  • Elaine Yamashita, Early Childhood Education Faculty
  • Eric Engh, English Faculty and General Education Assessment Coordinator
  • Jan Moore, Accounting Faculty and Program Learning Assessment Coordinator
  • John McKee, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
  • Kari Nunokawa, Counselling Faculty Member
  • Kim Gray, STEM Department Administrative Assistant
  • Kiope Raymond, Hawaiian Studies Faculty
  • Lee Stein, Human Services Faculty
  • Lori Teragawachi, Director of the Office of Continuing Education
  • Michele Katsutani, Counselling Faculty Member
  • Maggie Ward, Nursing Faculty
  • Sean Calder, Biology Faculty
  • Susan Nartatez, Counselor, Molokai Education Center

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