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What is SAC?

SAC, Student Activities Council, is a new Chartered Student Organization at UHMC. We coordinate various events throughout the semester and are responsible for Intramural Sports, Campus Club Support, and other forms of Campus Support.

What is SAC looking for?

We want students who have a positive personality, are well rounded, and organized. We are looking for UHMC students that hold a 2.5 GPA or higher. We also prefer you to have a flexible schedule that will let you attend weekly SAC meetings, help coordinate and attend SAC events.

 How Do I Become a Student Activities Council Member?

  1. View the Nomination Instructions HERE.

  2. Print required forms or stop by the Student Life Office to pick up a packet:

  3. Turn in completed forms and other required documents to the Student Life Office.

Weekly Meetings

Student Activities Council meetings is open to the UHMC community and wants to see you there! Meetings are every Thursday 3:30pm – 4:30 pm.

 SAC Forms &  Documents



Please e-mail SAC Advisor Francine Ching at or call 984-3434.

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