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Student Government 

The governing body of ASUHMC is a Government Council composed of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 11 Council members.

There are 4 Executive Council Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, plus 2 University of Hawaii Student Caucus Representatives that work collaboratively statewide with other University of Hawai’i campus Student Governments. The Government Council shall be responsible for the enforcement of the Charter and the promotion of student participation in advocacy, leadership, and policy.

The Government Council will perform all the duties assigned within the Charter. The Government Council shall be the approving authority for all appointments by the President, as well as annual budget adoption and expenditures. The Government Council shall maintain authority over ASUHMC funds and assets.

MISSION: We, the Associated Students of University of Hawaii Maui College, seek to represent and honor the voice of every student at Maui College. This Council is committed to creating a dynamic student life on campus. The events and activities that we plan will be focused on providing fun and educational opportunities for our students. ASUHMC is also committed to the ethical administering of student fees which includes obtaining input from all students.

VISION: The vision of the ASUHMC Student Governance Council of Maui College is to serve as the students’ voice. Student needs are our priority. Every decision, event, and activity is developed to serve the students that we represent.

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Contact ASUMC

  • Contact US
    • Office: Pilina Room 134
    • Phone: 808-984-3260
    • Email:
  • President: Lorraine Osako
    • UH Student Caucus Delegate
    • Email:
  • Vice-President & Treasurer: Nels Romerdahl
    • ASUHMC Elections Committee Chair
    • UH Student Caucus Delegate
    • Email:

  • Faculty Advisor: Francine Ching
    • Phone: 808-984-3434
    • Email:
  • Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs: Debra Nakama
    • Phone: 808-984-3515
    • Email: