Student Lounge Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Friday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Saturday/Sunday/Holidays: CLOSED

Student Lounge Photo

Student Lounge Information

The University of Hawaii Maui College (UHMC) Student Lounge offers a place for students to gather, meet others, and study in a relaxed setting. The space includes comfortable sofas, various study counters, and Wi-Fi access, making it the perfect stop in between classes. Occasional special events for students help bring the UHMC community together! We ask that you respect these events when they take place. We hope that you enjoy the college experience! If you need to seek further assistance to anything regarding campus life, please feel free to visit us in the Student Life Office located in the Student Lounge!

Location:  Pilina Building, 2nd floor

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday – Thursday: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Saturday/Sunday/Holidays: CLOSED
  • Be respectful of others and lounge area and items.
  • Comply with Student Lounge  instructions and requests.
  • Be courteous during events and refrain from any activity that is disruptive to the event (e.g. video games, loud music, loud conversations, etc.).
  • Clean up after yourself, including the appliances that are used in the lounge.
  • Students are responsible for their own personal items.
  • Vaulting, standing, or jumping on furniture is prohibited.
  • If furniture is moved, the furniture must be LIFTED and not dragged across the floor.
  • Furniture MUST be returned to their original location after use. Please use the Student Lounge Layout Plan.  
  • Do not place your feet, shoes, or slippers on any furniture, tables, or chairs.
  • Tobacco, vapor cigarettes, any smoking devices, alcohol, drugs, and gambling of any kind is prohibited.
  •  Student Lounge patrons must comply with the UH Maui College Student Conduct Code.

The Student Conduct Code Procedures will be referenced and adhered to for all student violations:

  1. All reservation requests will be handled by the Office of Student Life, we highly suggest all requests be submitted at least one month before your event.
    For more information please contact us at:
  2. All logistics for the event must be made independently by the requesting group or advisor.
    • This includes media equipment, chairs, tables, etc.
  3. For all events in the Student Lounge, our campus security MUST be notified. Please contact Campus Security at with details of your event.
  4. If furniture is moved for your event, it MUST be returned to its original location. Please refer to the layout Below
    • We suggest you download and print out the layout to view after your event.
    • Please note that failure to do so will result in the inability to reserve the Student Lounge for future events.
    • There are also printed layouts posted in the lounge for reference.
  5. Please clean up after your event and replace furniture, etc.  If your events creates lots of trash or finishes after lounge hours, trash must be taken out to the dumpsters.
  6. All decorations, including tape, fasteners, ETC. that are used to hold the decorations must be taken down after the event.

Click here to download the layout of the student lounge.