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Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable Science Management

    The Sustainable Science Management (SSM) program, leading to a baccalaureate degree, offers options to students seeking employment in the field of Sustainability which includes positions such as: sustainability coordinator, sustainability specialist, environmental scientist.

Sustainability Living Institute of Maui





    The Sustainable Living Institute of Maui offers people from the community and around the world an opportunity to learn about and apply the sustainable sciences. These sciences are grounded in the watershed management system and draw inspiration from the Native
    Hawaiian land management system embodied in the ahupua’a. The Institute serves as a catalyst to make the island of Maui a prototype for the development of sustainable island communities.

Maui EVA

    Recipient of 16 Department of Energy grants, our project to get Maui ready for plug-in electric vehicles involves stakeholders from our community. As Maui is the number one tourist destination in the world, our plan is to give our visitors the ultimate EV paradise.