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The Assessment Technologies Institute-Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI-TEAS) exam is an admissions requirement for the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Program. Effective August 31, 2016, the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) will replace the “TEAS Version 5.0 Exam” with the “ATI TEAS Exam” whereupon the study guide titled “Study Manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Version V” (ISBN 1933107987) will also be replaced by the “ATI TEAS Study Manual – Sixth Edition” (ISBN-13: 9781565335646). The study guide may be purchased at  ATI website or other private book vendors. The Nursing Department at UH Maui College will accept the exam results for both the “TEAS Version 5.0” exam and the “ATI TEAS” exam within the three-year expiration period.

The UHMC Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Program require an ATI-TEAS exam adjusted individual total score of 58.7% or higher. The following minimum scores are required in ALL areas of the TEAS-VI in order to apply to the Nursing Program.                                             

Reading: 69 %

Mathematics: 63.3%

Science: 45.8%

English and Language Usage: 60.0%

Total Adjusted                      Total Adjusted Individual Score=58.7=3 points (minimum to apply to program)

Individual Score                   Total Adjusted Individual Score= 78.0=4 points

Points                                       Total Adjusted Individual Score=90.7=5 points

Results are affirmed immediately after completing the computer-based test. The exam score remains valid for three years.

You may re-test for a maximum of three times PER 12 MONTH PERIOD (REVISED April, 2015) to take the test. Applicants who fail to establish the minimum cut-off score in each area will be required to retake the entire exam. There will be NO combination of scores from separate tests. The higher score will be used if taken more than once. For updates on the ATI TEAS exam results, pre-nursing students are encouraged to periodically revisit the ATI TEAS Exam webpage (on the UHMC website) or schedule an advising appointment with the nursing program counselor at 984-3306.

Test Dates, Times and Location:

The ATI TEAS exam administered at UH Maui College will be offered through The Learning Center (TLC). No walk-ins. Students MUST pre-register for the exam.

Test Registration and Cost:

To register for the exam, you MUST complete the following steps:

1. Go online at;
2. Click to “Create new account” (within the “Sign In” Box located within the left-side column);
3. Complete all of the required information

You must complete the above steps BEFORE the day of the test as you will NOT be given extra time to do so at the testing session.  You will need a working e-mail address.  If you do not have an e-mail address, you may create one through Yahoo, Gmail, etc.  Remember your user name and password as you will need it to access the test.

What to Bring:

On the day of the test, please bring a picture ID, your test registration receipt, and two sharpened (no. 2) pencils with erasers. A sweater or jacket is recommended. You will NOT be allowed to have a calculator, study guide or cell phone.

Request for Exam Score Reports

Students who do not take their TEAS exam at a UH campus location MUST submit an official exam report by the nursing application post-mark deadline (January 31). To request an ATI-TEAS score report, you will need to contact ATI and pay a fee for each test report.”  For more information visit the ATI website.

ATI Contact Information:
Assessment Technologies Institute, LCC
7500 W. 160th Street
Stillwell, KS 66085
Tel: 1.800.667.7531