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eLearning Brothers & Lodestone: New Concept in eLearning Training by News Editor

eLearning Brothers and Lodestone have partnered to provide eLearning developers with software training
and over 20,000 eLearning assets in one offering at the same price as training alone. Here are the details!

Gamification, Game-based Learning, Serious Games: Any Difference? by Kapil Bhasin

Sooner or later, every learning and development or training department will come to a decision point about
gamification. There will inevitably be discussions and disagreements about the details! This article provides
some best practices in a helpful framework that may be very useful as you begin.

Toolkit: What Will 2014 Bring Us? Please… Please… Please… by Joe Ganci

Instructional designers today must know one or more development tools, but for most people it isn’t
possible to be both a great instructional designer and an excellent developer, resulting in more poor
examples of eLearning. Joe looks at what we need today.

Consumer Electronics Show Report: New Video Hardware for eLearning by Stephen Haskin

The Consumer Electronics Show 2014 once again featured a lot of devices that eLearning producers can
use to enhance and extend their capability. Here is a rundown of the video hardware that will probably be
of most interest to our readers.

The eLearning Guild Academy: Introducing The Business of Instructional Design by Janet Clarey

A degree in instructional design provides the skills to create effective instruction and to manage
projects. It
covers tools and technologies, theories and models. But nearly all programs leave a gap in the
skill set: the real-world business side of the profession. The Guild Academy has a way to fill that void
the essentials that will support your success!

EMEA Reporter: Changing a Nation: When the Flipped Classroom Really Works by Nic Laycock

How do you start a learning revolution in a small nation with few natural resources, surrounded by
neighbors? Begin by deciding that the survival of the country depends on better education of the young.
Adopt the Internet and technology. Innovate an approach to the flipped classroom. Read this amazing
story here.

Skillsoft and IBM Research: Harnessing Big Data in Enterprise Learning by News Editor

Big data will drive next-generation learning and integrated development for improved user engagement
and learning outcomes. Skillsoft and IBM are collaborating to develop new methods of creating and
assessing optimal learning experiences at an individual level. Here is a quick look at what is driving these

The Elusive ROI for Learning Through Technology by Jack Phillips and Patti Phillips

Few would dispute the convenience, low cost, and high efficiency of eLearning. However, dozens of
ROI studies show the results, in terms of transfer to the job and impact on business results, are
usually less than facilitator-led versions. It does not have to be this way. Here is an analysis of the
reasons, and some recommendations that will make a difference in your real-world results.

Nuts and Bolts: Building Community by Jane Bozarth

The rise of social media and the accompanying interest in social learning is generating a lot of talk about
community building. Many people voice similar concerns in these conversations, and at the same time
there are many things that never come up as topics for discussion. Here are some suggestions for keeping
the never-heard items from killing a community.

The Business of Instructional Design: Career Tips for Thinking Beyond the Storyboard by Tracy Bissette

What’s the difference between an instructional designer (ID) and a lead or senior instructional designer?
It’s more than simply having more knowledge of design principles and learning theory! The critical factors
are all about business. Here are some tips on developing these business skills, specifically as they pertain
to instructional design.