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7 Productivity Apps for the New Year

Managing time more effectively

Math Geek Mom: A New Gym

Another step in a college’s recovery.


Youth Radio — Youth Media International: Going Beyond Ads To Attract Young Teachers

By Robyn Gee

The 30-second PSAs from the U.S. Department of Education’s TEACH campaign, run by a coalition of major corporations and Teach for Americ…

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Audrey Bellis: Life By Design, Not By Default

Relearning and breaking old habits hasn’t been easy but its been worth the work. This New Year (like the last few) I didn’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I set intentions around a loose framework and look forward to seeing them manifest.

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Vanessa Elizabeth: 23 Things To Do Instead Of Getting Engaged At 23

If your love is truly eternal, what’s the rush? If it’s real, that person will continue to be committed to you two months from now, two years from now, and two decades from now. Grow, learn, travel, party, cuddle, read, explore. Do. Freaking. Something… other than “settle down” at 23 with a white picket fence.

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Marian Salzman: Forget Orchid; Green Is My Color for an Entrepreneurial 2014

Some days I have blue eyes; other days they are green. On New Year’s Eve they were green … with envy and with thoughts of how to finally hit the jac…

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Literally, Darling: How Pope Francis Renewed My Faith in Religion

My Catholic school education equipped me with the ability to do well in school, an extensive knowledge of religion and, as so often happens, a cynical and jaded approach to organized religion.

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Tom Wingert : Why Cooperation Is Key to Creating Change

The social impact sector is ill-equipped to deal with competition. There are so many of us trying to solve the same problems, problems that need solving, we need to do it together.

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Courtney McKinney: The Patriotic American

If you want to be a patriotic American, look at America as it is. Acknowledge the human potential in this country as it exists rather than how you wish it to be. Listen to the observations of the young with curiosity rather than contempt.

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Danny Rubin: 20 Things I Miss About My Twenties

Out too late partying mid-week at 23? Typical young person. Hungover on a Wednesday in my 30s? Get it together, buddy.

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