About The Learning Center


Mission and Vision of The Learning Center:

The Learning Center at UH Maui College provides students at all levels with academic support services to help them become successful, independent learners and reach their educational goals. To attain our mission, tutorial assistance; one-on-one, group, and online writing assistance; study skills instruction; testing services; computer laboratories; e-mail and Internet access; and computer-assisted instructional programs are provided to our diverse student population.

We envision a one-stop facility where students will receive cutting edge, high quality support services in a student-centered environment, helping students gain the skills needed to meet the rigors of their educational program and to embrace the challenges of an ever-changing world.

The Learning Center contributes to the mission and vision of UH Maui College by providing high quality academic support services in a stimulating environment for our diverse student population.

Goals of The Learning Center:

  •  To help students enhance their skills in reading, writing, math, and study skills
  • To provide tutorial services in content area courses
  • To help students become independent learners
  • To provide students with computer equipment and software needed to complete their coursework and broaden their learning experience
  • To assist students with basic computer skills
  • To provide placement, make-up, and distance learning testing services as well as community proctoring services
  • To support faculty in meeting student learning outcomes
  • To provide a user-friendly study environment conducive to learning and thinking
  • To anticipate the academic support needs of our students
  • To encourage professional development

TLC Services

Tutorial Support

  • Reading, writing, math, and study skills
  • professional staff and peer tutors
  • one-on-one or small group
  • individualized program to work on specific skills: assess students’ skills, create program of study, monitor progress, post test
  • Other subject area tutoring upon staff availability
  • Proofreading assistance
    • peer tutors and professional staff
    • one-on-one 25-minute appointments
    • brainstorming session
    • suggestions for improvement (thesis statement, support, organization, transitions, grammar and mechanics, etc.) grammar tidbits and reference materials
    • extended tutoring time for special needs students

Study Skills Presentations and TLC Orientations 

  • Study skills presentations in classrooms and for special programs
  • TLC orientations in classrooms and in TLC (services, facility tour)

Computer Labs:

  • Assistance from student assistants and professional staff
  • Word processing, e-mail, Internet searches, Laulima, MyUH Portal, online registration
  • Scanner, CD burner.
  • Special needs computer w/printer and scanner
    • Jaws (reads text on screen)
    • Zoomtext (enlarges text)
    • Kurzweil 3000 (reads text from scanner)
    • Dragon Naturally Speaking (types from oral speech)

Testing Services: 

  • COMPASS placement testing
  • walk-in
  • ability to benefit
  • high school group testing
  • COMPASS study guide and text resources
  • English permission test
  • UH Maui College tests/make-up exams
  • Community proctoring services
  • PearsonVUE Certified Testing Center
  • Prometric-ASE testing Site