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UHMC Academic and Learning Support Centers

If you choose to take advantage of the free tutoring services offered to you as a registered student at the University of Hawaii Maui College, you must understand and agree to the following terms:


Some locations allow you to book more than one (1) tutoring appointment per day per subject, and may allow you may schedule appointments up to two-weeks in advance. Most appointments will be done through Zoom or other web-conferencing tool. Our tutors can help you with setting up your computer for tutoring.


You will make every effort to arrive on time for all scheduled sessions, or you will notify the Tutoring Center in advance of any inability to attend the session. If you are ten minutes late for an appointment without having called (808) 984-3240, your appointment may be given to someone else. You will reschedule your appointment or wait until a tutor is available. Your tutoring appointment will be 30 minutes long, or 1 hour long if you have made prior arrangements with the UHMC Disabilities Coordinator.


  • You must be a currently registered student with the University of Hawaii Maui College, or other University of Hawaii program or school.
  • You will come to the tutoring session prepared, with all relevant materials (notes, textbooks, assignments, a draft of the paper or evidence that you have attempted the assigned work).
  • You will have attempted to clarify with your instructor any questions that you have about the assignment before meeting with the tutor.
  • You will have specific questions for the tutor about the assignment or about the material for a test, exam, homework assignment, or project.
  • You will seek help at least 1 day before the assignment is due to allow enough time apply the help received by the tutor to improve your work.
  • You understand that you will be expected to actively participate in the tutoring session.
  • You are responsible for any changes made on the finished academic work.
  • Tutoring will not take the place of your class attendance.
  • If you have not attended classes regularly, it is your responsibility to catch up.
  • You may accept or reject any suggestions made by the tutor.
  • You are ultimately responsible for the grade you receive on the paper, test, exam, or project, even if you received help from a tutor.


  • The tutor will never do your work for you.
  • The tutor is not responsible for editing or for doing your homework.
  • The tutor will not be responsible for pointing out every error on your paper, or working out every problem in a homework assignment.