New for Fall 2014, Strategic Learner Workshop Seminar

Great for:

  • New Students
  • Returning Students
  • Distance Education Students

Each seminar will run for 10 weeks. By signing up you will take a Learning and Study Strategy Inventory (LASSI) that will identify your own unique abilities for learning success. Based on your LASSI results, a personalized learning strategy plan will be created for you to complete over the 10 weeks. Each module on your learning strategy plan will be accessible online so you can improve your study strategies at your own pace, on your own time. You may also take individual modules without signing up for the seminar package. The Learning and Study Strategy Inventory (LASSI) is only available to students who sign up for a seminar.

Fall Seminar Dates

Seminar A

September 8
November 21, 2014

Seminar B

September 22
November 28, 2014

Seminar C

October 6
December 12, 2014

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About the Seminar

Woman learning how to study strategicallyResearch has repeatedly shown that successfully completing your college education can significantly impact your future happiness and well-being. Taking charge of your own academic success is the first step toward becoming a strategic learner. Strategic learners are students who set their own academic goals and know how to take responsibility for reaching those goals.

The online seminar is designed to help you become a more effective strategic learner. Students will complete an assessment of their awareness about and use of learning and study strategies related to skill, will and self-regulation components of strategic learning. The seminar is designed so students address the weak areas identified on the assessment. Topics focused on are:  Anxiety, Attitude, Concentration, Information Processing, Motivation, Self-Testing, Selecting Main ideas, Study Aids, Time Management, Test Strategies.

The Strategic Learner Modules


Anxiety, particularly about taking tests, is a common problem for many college students. Using the information, suggestions, strategies and skills presented in this module, you will be able to reduce or eliminate anxiety. Less anxious students are more likely to succeed in college and reach other life goals.


 A person’s attitude is one of the most important factors related to success. Use the information, suggestions, strategies and skills presented in this module to develop and maintain positive beliefs about your academic abilities. Changing your mindset, learning how to persist, and setting  goals will increase your likelihood of academic success.


 The information and activities in this module are designed to help you improve your focus, attention span, and make you more effective and efficient in your studies.

Information Processing

 The information and exercises in this module are designed to help you understand and improve how you process information. You will practice systems and methods that facilitate learning and will help you succeed in college.


 Are you motivated to seek success or avoid failure? The information and exercises in this module are designed to help you analyze your behaviors, and improve your motivation to succeed in college and life.

Selecting Main Ideas

 Do you know how to make judgments about what is and is not important to learn? Selecting main ideas means selecting important information to concentrate on during class or while you are reading and studying. Effective and efficient studying and learning requires that you be able to select the important material for in-depth attention.  This module will help you develop strategies for identifying critical information.


 The information and Activities in this module are designed to help you improve how you monitor and check your learning and understanding by using some form of Self-Testing.

Study Aids

 Using study aids has a strong impact on what you learn and how well you understand new information. This module will help you learn how to use study aids provided by your textbooks and teachers and learn how to create your own study aids to enhance learning

Test Strategies

 This module will help you learn strategies to prepare for tests and take tests.

Time Management

 The information and exercises in this section are designed to help you improve your use of time management. By actively managing your time, you are taking responsibility for your learning and using your time to create more chances for success in college. Time management addresses the extent to which you are willing to plan your time efficiently and effectively in order to achieve your academic and life goals.