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Study Tips To Help You Succeed in Your College Career

Being a successful student in college requires a different set of study skills and habits. At the Learning Center, our job is to help each and every student achieve their academic goals. Take a look at our Study Skills Resources to help you through your college years.

Study Skills Resources

10 Habits of Successful Students

Learn about the habits of successful college students that you should know about.


Surviving a Group Project with Cooperation and Collaboration

There may be times when you will be required to work with fellow students in a course.


Stand and Deliver: Presenting for College Classes

Are you anxious about delivering a presentation in front of class?


How To Connect With Your Instructor

Instructors are a significant resource in college, not only because they handout grades, but also because they can play an important part in helping you reach your academic goals.


Being a Better College Student

To be successful in college, students must learn four specific skills in order to succeed. This video talks about the four skills–time management, taking effective notes, practicing good study habits, and utilizing college resources.


Helpful Strategies for the Adult Learner

If you would like to build your confidence and manage college stress, this workshop can make college and exciting and rewarding experience. You’ll find helpful strategies to balance family, work, and school.