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Transferring Credits to University of Hawaii Maui College

Students with knowledge and skills obtained through previous coursework or experience have several options for applying additional credit to their College programs.
High school students may earn “advanced credits” by taking high school courses that are articulated with UH Maui College courses through the 2+2 Credit-by-Articulation program. Participation in this program may enable a student to shorten the length of time it takes to complete an UH Maui College certificate or degree. For the list of articulated courses and the procedure for receiving UHMC credit for articulated high school courses, call 984-3294.
A student transferring from another institution of higher education may be allowed credit for previous academic work. It is the student’s responsibility to have transcripts of previous work sent directly to Admission & Records by the institutions previously attended, to apply for evaluation of transcripts for advanced standing, and to provide course description information by submitting catalog(s) from all previous colleges attended, if required. Click here for the Transcript Evaluation Request Form
Maui College offers the student who has received prior education or training the opportunity to gain advanced standing. Final approval of the credit to be granted must be made by the Dean of Instruction. All such credit is granted on the Credit/No Credit basis. Applications are available from Admission & Records.
Students with previous keyboard training may place in a more advanced course, commensurate with their speed and skill. Upon completion of intermediate or advanced courses with a C grade or better, students may initiate a request to receive credit (CR) for the lower level course(s) by consulting with the Business Technology program coordinator, Ku‘uipo Lum, at 984-3237. (Business Technology majors may not apply BCIS 20 credit to satisfy a Business elective requirement.) See a counselor for assistance.
All students officially registered in a course who present evidence to the instructor that through experience or training they have had the equivalent of the course, but have not received college credit for it, may apply for credit by examination.

Upon application by students and approval by the appropriate instructor and department chair, a comprehensive test shall be administered and evaluated by the instructor.Students are encouraged to apply for and take the exam prior to the end of the late registration period. An examination may not be repeated. A grade of CE is recorded on the student’s transcript to indicate credit earned through credit-by-exam. A CE grade will not be computed in the GPA, but credits earned can be counted toward graduation. Credits earned by examination are not eligible for financial aid.

Evaluation of structured military education courses for credit is a function of Admission & Records. The American Council in Education Guide will be used for determining credit value and relevance to Maui College programs. Only Credit/No Credit grades are given.
College credit may be awarded for successful completion of a formal course offered by an institution other than a college (e.g., labor union courses, agency training programs, professional workshops, military courses) if that course is found comparable to college level material.

An evaluation will be done only for enrolled students who have completed at least 12 credits of regular offerings at the College. Only credits applicable toward a designated associate degree or certificate will be evaluated. If students who have been granted credit for such courses decide to change their program, the non-traditional credits already granted must be re-evaluated for applicability to the new program. No more than one-third of the credits required for a degree or certificate may be earned through non-traditional methods. Only a CR grade is assigned for such courses. If the student transfers to another college, transfer of non-collegiate credits is subject to the policies of the admitting institution.

Students who take the College Board Advanced Placement Examination may be granted college credit for equivalent courses offered at UH Maui College in accordance with the criteria established by the UH-Manoa, College of Arts and Sciences. Application forms for Advanced Standing Credits are available at Admission & Records and the Counseling Center. Because policies regarding acceptance of Advanced Placement score levels vary with each college, those who plan to transfer elsewhere should seek information regarding applicability of such scores to their particular majors.
Students wishing to request an exception to program requirements as stated in the Catalog should consult with a counselor and then contact the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for specific application procedures.