Apply – Transfer Student

How to Apply: Transfer Student
(completed credit at another college and never attended UH-Maui College)

1. Review Application Deadline and Residency Status

Application Deadlines
Residency Status for Tuition

2. Submit an application

Apply online
Download an application. When completed, mail or drop it off in person to the Admissions & Records Office.
To apply for Fall or Spring Semesters: PDF application

3. Request a Transcript Evaluation

If you want the coursework at a previous college to be considered towards your academic goal at UH-Maui College, your transcript(s) need to be reviewed. Evaluating previous college credits is optional unless you are planning to receive financial aid or Veterans Administration benefits. More info on transcript evaluation.

1. Submit the Transcript Evaluation Request Form

2. Request all of the transcripts listed on the form be sent to the Admissions Office directly from the sending institution. Hand-carried, sealed transcripts are not accepted.

3. Be sure to declare UH-Maui College as your “home institution” on the UH application.

4. Receive your Decision Letter

You’ll receive a letter that informs you if your application has been accepted or denied. If accepted, the letter will also include important information on your first steps to enrolling. You will also receive information on New Student Orientation and a Welcome Booklet.

5. Sign up for a UH account

This account is needed to register for classes, establishes your “” email account and for is used for many other transactions.
Go to: MyUH portal
– Click on “Get a User Name” on the upper left to establish your account.
– Follow the directions on the web pages to get your user name and password.

6. Determine if you need to take the COMPASS Placement Tests

If you have already completed college English or math courses with a C or better grade, please schedule an appointment with a counselor at (808) 984-3306. Details on COMPASS-NEED LINK

7. Attend the New Student Orientation (NSO)

NSO is not required for Transfer Students, but it’s a geat way to learn about the College, its programs, services and activities! You are encouraged to attend.

8. Check out and apply for financial aid

9. Visit a counselor for academic advising

10. Prepare for Registration


Details on

Placement Tests and the Test Center
health clearance requirements
registering for classes
finding classes
paying tuition and fees
buying books
attending classes

If you have any questions, please give us a call or stop by for help.