The purpose of this page is to provide you with the guidelines, procedures and additional resources you will need when preparing travel for all UH and RCUH employees. These guidelines and procedures apply to all State and extramural sources of funds.

Most commonly used UH Travel Forms

  • DISB-4D  Receipt Summary Worksheet
  • DISB-33 Mileage Voucher
  • DISB-04 Manual Travel Form

Most commonly used RCUH Travel Forms


  • Boarding passes are NOT required, HOWEVER, they can be used to substantiate the travel.
  • If wanting to use PCard for Out-of-State Business Travel, contact Business Office for approval. (Provide agenda and desired flight itinerary).
  • Select the most economical and direct route
  • Travel involving Personal Time
    • PCard CAN NOT be used-another form of payment required.
    • If airfare is less than $2499, then one additional Business Only comparison required.
    • If airfare is more than $2499, then 3 more additional Business Only comparisons required.
    • Comparisons need to be done on same day as booking actual itinerary.
  • Refer to Federal Allowable Rate (FAR)
  • If staying at the conference hotel (and it exceeds FAR) no comparisons required.
    • Note: Hotels recommended by conference may/may not be considered the conference hotel. Consult with the Business Office.
  • If staying at a hotel that is NOT the conference hotel and the base rate (excluding taxes/fees) exceeds FAR, two other comparisons are required, based on location to conference site and STAR rating of selected lodging.
  • Lodging receipts are required to show actual detail expenses or charges.
  • Economy/Compact car is allowed. For a vehicle upgrade, prior approval is required. Email the Business Office with justification for the upgrade.
  • If staying at the conference hotel, justification is required for car rental.
  • For intra-island travel, traveler needs to decline all extras. For out-of-state travel, contact Business Office for further instructions
  • If renting a car to drive to Hana, a travel request is required.
  • Traveler can utilize other forms of transportation ie: taxi, shuttle, etc.. based on travel needs and cost comparisons.
  • Earliest Travel Advance disbursement is 10 days prior to departure.
  • Employees are entitled to one checked bag (within size & weight limitations)
  •  If the employee is traveling for official UH business, even if at no cost to the University, a Travel Request must be submitted to cover the traveler while he/she is away. In addition, in the event of a disaster, the University will be able to identify employees traveling in the area of the disaster.
  • If traveler pays additional for meals (not included in price of registration), M&IE will be reduced as follows:
    • Breakfast 20%
    • Lunch 30%
    • Dinner 50%
  • Traffic fines/towing expenses are not reimbursable.
  • If traveler is the PI or Account Supervisor, respective Vice Chancellor/Chancellor needs to approve.
  • Mileage can only be claimed for own vehicle or spouses, not a friend or relative.
Sufficient Proof Of Payment (Receipt)

  • Original receipt must indicate amount paid and method of payment and showing a zero balance due.
  • An email confirmation from the vendor is acceptable if it shows name of payee, amount paid, the transaction date, and the method of payment.
  • Reimbursement for expenses requires original receipts.
  • If no receipt is available, $75 is the max allowable for reimbursement.
  • Receipts are not required for meals and incidentals purchased with M&IE money.
  • If a taxi receipt does not include to/from locations, it can be handwritten in.


Information coming soon
Information coming soon
Information coming soon
  • Agenda/Email correspondence/Event flyer/Conference Information
  • Flight itinerary-which includes price paid and method of payment
  • Hotel reservations (and comparisons if needed)
  • Ground transportation-car rental reservation/taxi fare quotes/shuttle quotes, etc..
  • Federal Allowable Rates-per travel destination
  • If Out-of-State travel, approval from Admin
  • Other supports as deemed necessary
For help with your travel, contact Misti BellUHMC Business Office
Phone: (808)984-3389
All information provided on this page is based on Administrative Procedures AP 8.851, UHCC Policies and Procedures, OPRPM Purchasing Cards A8.200, RCUH Travel 2.600 and UHMC Campus Internal Processing.