Spring 2015

Spring registration begins on November 3, 2014. Students registering between November 3, 2014 – January 11, 2015 have until 11:59 pm, January 11, 2015 to pay for their course(s). Without payment by that date, early Spring registrants will be purged from their course(s) (except for those on financial aid and UH Installment Payment Plan). Students who register after January 12, 2015 will not have their registration purged for non-payment. These registrants are obligated to pay their tuition – unless they officially drop the course(s). Tuition and Fee Schedule — Tuition is charged for each academic credit.

  • Resident tuition: $114.00 per credit
  • Non-resident tuition: $316.00 per credit
  • Pacific islander tuition: $171.00 per credit
  • Upper division 300 and 400 level courses resident tuition: $277.00 per credit
  • Upper division 300 and 400 level courses non-resident tuition: $777.00 per credit
  • Student Activity Fee $2.00 per credit, $15.00 Maximum
  • Board of Student Publication Fee $4.00
  • Technology fee $3.00 per credit, $36.00 Maximum
  • Health center fee $8.00
  • Change of registration fee: $5.00 beginning 1st day of class

Payment Options

  • Pay by credit card online: ACH “check” payment is available through MyUH Portal.
  • Pay in person at nearest University of Hawai‘i System Cashier’s Office, by cash, check or debit card.
  • Enroll in the UH Installment Payment Plan through MyUH Portal.

For more information about payment procedures, please contact the UH Maui College Cashier’s Office (984-3257).

Apply for financial aid to help pay for college! Visit the UHMC Financial Aid Website for more information.