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The amount of refund for a class depends on the date of the beginning of the session and the date on which the student withdraws from the class. 100% tuition refund is available if withdrawal is made by the end of the last working day before the first day of instruction.

Summer Sessions
Refunds for Summer Courses are determined by the elapsed instructional time as a percentage of the total instructional time for the course.  A student may receive 100%, 50% or 0% refund.  See the Academic Calendar for specific deadlines.  Processing of refunds generally start after the last day of receiving 50% refund of tuition in summer session II.
The college reserves the right to redirect refunds to apply to any financial account balances for another semester.
Fall and Spring Semesters

100% refund of tuition and fees for complete withdrawal if made on or before the last day of late registration.

100% refund of tuition only (no fees) for partial withdrawal if made on or before the last day of late registration.

50% refund of tuition (no fees) for complete or partial withdrawal if made within the first three weeks of instruction.

0% refund (Erase period) semester length classes drop beginning the fourth week of instructions will not appear on transcript.