Preserving Our Recollections: An Oral History of Maui Kūpuna

The Preserving Our Recollections series serves as a medium to collect the stories of Maui Kūpuna (elders). In their own words, the individuals featured relive their history, reflecting on their family background, their rich cultural heritage, their struggles, and ultimately their triumphs.

The Preserving Our Recollections series was originally funded through a grant from:

  • The Hawaii Community Foundation

Additional funds were also provided by:

  • The Maui Chinese Cultural Society
  • The Fred Baldwin Memorial Foundation

Individual contributors include:

  • William and Leona Rocha Wilson
  • James Takamiya
  • Darrell and Esther Oishi

The project is currently in its 10th year and features over 250 Maui Kūpuna sharing their family history.

Hosts for the Preserving Our Recollections series have included:

  • Darrell Oishi
    • Former Superintendent of Education – Maui District
  • Kathryn Fletcher
    Associate Professor, Anthropology
  • Lillian Mangum
    UHMC Distance Education Librarian
  • Wallette Pellegrino
    Retired Associate Professor, Coop Ed

Past Preserving Our Recollections Committee Members:

  • Kathryn Fletcher
  • Lillian Mangum
  • Darrell Oishi
  • Wallette Pellegrino
  • Lorraine Tamarabuchi
  • Clarence Wee
  • William Wong

The University of Hawaiʻi Maui College is pleased to present the entire series online. The videos are available by clicking this Video Index link. As new programs are recorded, they will be added to this repository website. We encourage you to share this site with family, friends, and neighbors.

For more information, please contact the series producers at:

  • Darrell Oishi –
  • Robert Albert –