What is Cooperative Education?

It is an internship program that gives students an opportunity to receive classroom-based education with practical work experience. This special academic program at UHMC places students in field experiences related to their majors or for career exploration. Co-op on a resume or job application signals an employer that an applicant has combined education with work experience and has more to offer than the average job-seeker.

What is an advantage to enrolling in Co-op?

  • Earn 1, 2, or 3 credits
  • Co-op Ed may satisfy an elective
  • Validate your education and career choice
  • Gain work experience in your major
  • Meet and network with employers
  • Co-op may lead to future employment

What is required to enroll in Co-op?

Co-op is open to ALL students who have:

  • Completed 2 or more semesters in their academic program
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0

How many hours do I need to complete?

  • 1 credit = 75 internship hours
  • 2 credit = 150 internship hours
  • 3 credit = 225 internship hours
Additional FAQ's
Employer's and organizations interested in hosting a student intern, click here.

UHMC Programs that require Co-op Education credits to graduate are:

Liberal Arts students enroll in CASE 193v to fulfill a program elective to explore career opportunities.

See your Program Coordinator or Counselor to verify amount of Co-op credits to enroll in.

Co-op can be taken as an elective (optional) class for the following programs:

  • Accounting (ACC) enroll in ACC193v
  • Agriculture (AG) enroll in AG193v
  • Applied Business and Information Technology (ABIT) enroll in BUS393v
  • Business Administration (BUS) enroll in BUS193v
  • Fashion Technology (FT) enroll in FT93v

Information about Internships

  • Co-op Ed Faculty and Program Coordinator will approve internship sites and learning objectives
  • Mentors will evaluate intern’s work performance