Did you know career exploration experiences and opportunities can improve academic performance? It improves and expands students’ knowledge of options by encouraging students to develop and work toward goals during important stages in their lives.

Career exploration is an essential tool for a new and returning college student. It is especially helpful early in a student’s academic career to map out a course and strategy to meet the desired goals. The steps big or small can help guide students in making positive, well informed educational and career decisions. Educators play a pivotal roll in student career exploration.

Choosing a career can be a daunting task. There are many resources that aid in the decision process. Utilizing a self- assessment tool is a way to move beyond hindrances, with findings that can help students think about personal preferences and career interests. Assessments vary in length, focus area and cost. Educators can guide students to participate in available assessments, but ultimately it is a student’s personal preference to determine which one is most fitting to their current needs and career goals.