Many classes at UH Maui College will require the use of a portable computer. Please consult with your instructor for specific computing requirements.



It is highly recommended that all UH Maui College students own a mobile computer (a Netbook or Laptop) for use during your academic endeavors. UH Maui College provides a seamless wireless environment for students to access the Internet, e-mail, classmates, library databases and other resources from numerous sites across the campus with your mobile computer.

As a follow-up to the pilot Netbook Project for selected programs during the 2009-2010 school year, more UH Maui College programs will be recommending, if not requiring, a Laptop, Netbook or similar portable computer for students to access presentations, materials and assignments.

For more information about the UHMC Laptop Initiative, CLICK HERE.



If you purchase a mobile computer (Netbook or Laptop) after July 1, 2010, you will be eligible to receive a portion of the cost returned to you upon graduation from UHMC with a Certificate of Achievement, or an Associate degree, or a Bachelor’s degree.

A graduate receiving a Certificate of Achievement in a one-year program will be eligible for a $200 payment. A graduate receiving an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree will be eligible for a $400 reimbursement. This program is made possible by an anonymous donor whose goal is to equip every student with 21st century tools for learning.

Students who successfully complete all program requirements and graduate from UH Maui College are eligible. For more information, CLICK HERE. If you’re in need of a computer for your academic pursuits, take a look at the purchasing option links below.


Disclaimer: UH Maui College offers these computer & software purchasing options to students as a resources for their consideration only. UH Maui College does not require students to purchase a computer or software of specific make or model, nor from a specific manufacturer or vendor. Students are free to purchase a computer or software from any source they choose to meet their program computing requirements.

Get a PC:

DELL Netbook & Laptop Offers (requires UH ID & password for access)

UH Bookstore

Get a Mac:

Apple Education Store

UH Bookstore


Save your computer purchase receipt to receive a rebate at graduation. For details on the computer Graduation Incentive CLICK HERE.

Software Options:

Take advantage of certain UH ITS supported software licensing offers – CLICK HERE

Student & Faculty special rate for MS Office – CLICK HERE

Another option similar MS Office is Open Office – CLICK HERE for free download.

For additional software, check out the UH Bookstore software for Mac & PC

Other ‘educational discount’ purchasing options for software can be found at vendors such as: The Academic SuperstoreJourneyEdStudent Discounts