Q: What about my textbooks?

A: Plan EARLY!

You are responsible to obtain your textbooks and supplies that you need to ensure that you have all the resources to fulfill your SAP requirements (see SAP-Satisfactory Academic Progress for what those requirements are).

UH Maui College Bookstore – Click Here

Textbook Tips –

    • Refund time may vary, plan ahead.


    • Start budgeting for textbooks. Books may range between $50-180 per class.


    • Price them on the UH Maui College Bookstore website.


    • Purchase them slowly. (Suggested to start at least 3 weeks before the semester starts)


    • Purchase books for classes that are important earlier.


    • Rent books (online or at the bookstore)


    • Purchase “used” books – cheaper than “new”.


    • Find out if instructor has their books on “hold” in the library. Sometimes, instructors put a copy of the textbook in the library. These copies are not allowed outside of the library.


    • Find a study buddy and make copies from their textbook.


    • Some classes do not require that you have your textbook on the first day of class. (Check with your instructor for details).