Credit/No Credit Option

Students who wish to enroll in a class on a Credit/No Credit basis (rather than a letter grade) must declare this intent during registration but no later than the end of the Late Registration period.

Students enrolled in a Certificate program may not use the CR/NC option to meet program requirements.

Students in the Associate in Arts program may use the option for elective courses only.

Students in the Associate in Science or Associate in Applied Science program may use the option only for electives that fall outside the major field of study (e.g., Arts and Humanities or Social Science electives taken by an Accounting major).

No more than 12 credits may be taken on a CR/NC basis for any degree program.

To earn a CR, students must pass the course with a grade of “C” or higher.

However, students should be aware that some colleges, graduate and professional schools, employers, and some scholarship and fellowship awarding agencies may not recognize this option or may recalculate the “CR” as a “C” grade and the “NC” as an “F” grade. For example, UH Mānoa limits the CR/NC option to elective courses only; this option may not be used to meet any requirement for a Mānoa degree (with the exception of those courses offered for mandatory CR/NC). Therefore, it is imperative that students who select this  option exercise careful educational planning. If in doubt, take a course for a regular letter grade and not for CR/NC.

Credit/No Credit Options and Auditing Classes

For some courses, students may elect to audit the class or receive a grade of Credit or No Credit, rather than a letter grade. Consult with a counselor for assistance before selecting one of those options. If you want to change the grading option, visit the Credit/No Credit Options, Auditing Courses tutorial.

Auditing Courses

Students are permitted to audit classes with the written approval of the instructor. The student will process appropriate forms with the UH-Maui College Admissions and Records Office. Although no credits are earned for courses audited, regular tuition and fees must be paid by auditors.