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Maui Adult Day Care’s Annual Gift Wrapping For Donations: Support Maui’s Beloved Kupuna With Dementia

Maui Adult Day Care’s Annual Gift Wrapping For Donations: Support Maui’s Beloved Kupuna With Dementia
December 19, 2020 Aysha Jarnesky

Christmas is a week away and Maui people are getting their last minute shopping done. But who has time to wrap? Luckily, Maui Adult Day Care will be fundraising and doing their annual gift wrapping for donations! On Saturday December 19, from 10am to 9:00pm bring your gifts to Queen Kaahumanu Center! Their table will be set up and accepting donations for a great cause- Maui’s beloved Kupuna. Here in Hawaii, we deeply respect and value our kupuna. We believe in taking care of the ones who took care of us. But it is not always easy, as we live a busy and bustling life providing for our keiki. Thankfully there’s help. Read more to find out why you should get your gifts wrapped and donate to this valuable gem within our community.

Photo Provided By Maui Adult Day Care

It’s a program specifically dedicated to ease the stress families feel as they care for their elderly loved ones who suffer from dementia. Maui Adult Day Care provides a safe setting for your elderly loved one to spend time at, in an engaging environment complete with meals provided, nursing care and assistance. With a loved one in the care of Maui Adult Day Care, families can feel at ease as they go about their daily lives. Maui Adult Day Care does various annual fundraisers in order to keep the beneficial non-profit organization going and this year, of course, has been tough. They’ve had to cancel many of their fundraisers due to the pandemic, so this year’s gift wrapping for donations is important as ever.

Photo Provided By Maui Adult Day Care
Photo Provided By Maui Adult Day Care

I got to talk with Kathy Couch, who is a caregiver and has been program coordinator for Maui Adult Day Care for 16 years. Kathy is passionate about supporting caregivers (family members of elderly) through dementia and the aging process of their elderly loved ones. In essence, dementia causes elderly to begin to relive their past memories as the brain ages. Kathy knows that dementia can be a heartbreaking struggle that families face during this process. Her goal is to educate caregivers about dementia, and teach them how to accept a loved one right where they are, and to even enjoy the moments of going back in time with them. She says families should honor where an elderly loved one is “in time.” Adults with dementia feel misunderstood and can become frail and isolated in their homes. At Maui Adult Day Care, they can feel accepted, while doing engaging activities.

Kathleen Couch Fundraises Tirelessly For Maui Adult Day Care

“They say it takes a village to raise a child- well it takes a community to love and care for our kupuna. A person who is having changes with dementia should still be able to enjoy friendship, activities, and be able to enjoy life at whatever level they are at. That should not stop simply because they are aging. At Maui Adult Day Care we take pride in doing this for kupuna. To bring quality to their lives so they know and feel that they still matter. We look at kupuna and their caregivers as a package, we must support caregivers as well. When a caregiver cares with compassion, they can rest assured and end this journey with no regrets regarding their loved one.”

Kathy teaches caregivers to flow through time with a loved one with dementia. She believes that by changing their perception, they can actually experience a miracle instead of feel loss.

“We lose them to dementia long before we lose them to passing but the miracle is that we can go back in time with them and enjoy those moments when they were younger. It doesn’t have to be as heartbreaking as it is. And when caregivers need to step away, renew their spirits, or just go about their lives, there’s no better way than having their loved one safe and sound at Maui Adult Day Care Centers.

Kathleen Couch Gift Wrap Fundraising In 2017

We all have kupuna in our lives, and we love them dearly.  And one day we will be kupuna.  We need to teach our young as well, the importance of caring for elderly.  If you feel in the spirit of giving, then this is a worthy cause.  Maui Adult Day Care has five locations throughout the island, in order to serve our entire Maui Community and Kathy Couch is an angel and leader in compassionate care.  For more information and more ways to donate, please visit their website at madcc.org or call 808-871-5804. 

Maui Adult Day Care Centers is a licensed, private, nonprofit organization funded in part by the County of Maui, the Maui County Office on Aging, Maui United Way, Hawaii Community Foundation, Maui Hotel Association, private fees and donation. Transportation provided by MEO. Lunches provided by Kaunoa Senior Services.

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  1. Max Dias 3 years ago

    Great effort by Kathleen and Maui Adult day center. Her deeds will never go in vain.

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