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UH Maui Students Share Helpful Tips For A Prosperous Spring Semester In 2021

UH Maui Students Share Helpful Tips For A Prosperous Spring Semester In 2021
January 13, 2021 Britney Bautista

Spring 2021 semester is here! Are you prepared?  Whether you’re a  first year student or return student, you may be feeling stress, frustration, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm after the four-week break.  To alleviate some of this, I’ve surveyed current UH Maui students who had some valuable tips to share.  Spring Semester can be a Maui breeze, online as well as in person.  This “survival” guide will help you to get the best grades possible, learn and grow as you strive to achieve your educational goals.

Beginning with tips from yours truly. Check Laulima multiples times a day (I check it every hour and every minute for my grades, uploading assignments, and emailing instructors), ask for help from a tutor because some of us may be intimidated by our own instructors and if you are specific on what you need help and use time wisely you are going to finish the assignment, and have a positive attitude towards the instructors, course, and peers that everyone makes mistakes and everyone may not be at the same pace and to learn how to gain patience and let others answer questions who may be less outgoing and need extra time to answer without dismissing their opportunity to be spotlighted and contribute to the conversation.

Students Don't Spread Out Their Study Time Enough | Psychology Today

Tips From UHMC Students

“I think some tips would be to have a scheduled time set up for assignments and studying, don’t put things off till the last minute, and to always have a positive mindset since that will help us get through this semester :)” -Briana Alexa Lazo Corado

“I would say to keep up with the homework assignments that are given and try not to fall behind, constantly ask for help, and get a tutor if needed! Don’t wait till the last minute.” -Kiliohu Robis

“Here’s a tip: Annotate and use your calendar whether it be on your phone or a hard book cover. Another thing that really helped me last semester, is that I made a sticky note on my computer of all the things I need to get done since it was a place that I always look at.” -Kiliohu Bulusan

How to balance school, work and life - The Spectator

“Make a plan to balance your academic, social, and work life! Because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” -Raymond Tanaka

“The number one tip is to stay organized with all your classes, specifically dedicating time to everything you do. find a good balance of time for school, social life, and most importantly giving yourself time.” -Cheyenne Poche

“I would say to have a great spring semester, we have to be organize. Folders or binders was a good help to me so I can keep up with all my necessary files for my courses. Also, a planner is a must so we know what is due and we can do homeworks ahead of time to avoid procrastination.” -Althea Lorraine Ulit

“I would definitely say to print out things. I am a visual learner and I think printing and physically seeing things help me to comprehend things a little more.” -Kaelyn Garaganza

“Tips I have would be staying organized, planning accordingly when to complete assignments or study for tests, and always being prepared!” -Angel Gragas 

Your Path to Success - OACES

These tips can help you mentally prepare and stay on the right path. As current students, we all have struggled one way or the other and wished we had good study tips, how-to tips, and navigating Laulima tips. Let’s look forward to the next 15 weeks of the Spring Semester and become successful and determined adults! These tips and advice shared by experienced students are yours to utilize! Just like every staff member, instructor, and counselor are here to help in every way they possibly can because they genuinely care about your well being and the potential for success on your learning journey!

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