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A Welcome Message From Sam Peralta, UHMC Student President

A Welcome Message From Sam Peralta, UHMC Student President
August 27, 2021 Ho'oulu Student News

E ho’olako kākou,

In 2020, two major events occurred that reshaped the way we students view our world. The covid-19 pandemic and the civil unrest that has polarized our country.

I look forward to this coming academic year, and the many ways we can grow as a college ohana.  Together we will face injustice with the light of compassion.

Being bombarded with the mainstream media can feel overwhelming.  You may be faced with the opinions of friends and family, or social pressures to think or act a certain way. That’s why now more than ever our education is worth fighting for.

It means more than just attending class, it’s about gaining the knowledge and abilities needed to navigate in today’s uncharted waters.

University of Hawai’i Maui College is a place to connect, collaborate, network and become empowered to do what you feel called to do. While life is filled with uncertainty, you can remain aware and enthused. Embark on your academic journey today. It means so much more than getting great grades, the true value of gaining an education lies in participating with our Maui community, and becoming an individual who can be proud to make a difference.

In today’s complex climate we need to stand strong locally to be able to make changes globally.

Mahalo and Much Aloha to you all!

Student President

Sam Peralta

Sam Peralta

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