The IHM Program

The Institute of Hawaiian Music (IHM) offers an Academic Subject Certificate (A.S.C) in Hawaiian Music. This two-year certificate includes classes in Hawaiian music, language, and culture, music theory and technology, as well as an applied music class where students work directly with Hawaiian music artists and other industry professionals.

Certificate Requirements

The A.S.C in Hawaiian Music requires the completion of courses that total 32 credits, though the total number of classes depends on which elective classes that student chooses and how many credits they contain.

  • The ASC has a minimum of 32 credits.
  • A minimum of 9 credits must be taken at University of Hawai’i Maui College.
  • Students must earn a “C” or better for ALL courses applied to the certificate.
  • A GPA of 2.0 or better is required for all courses applied to the certificate.

IHM Courses

Required Courses (23 credits)

HAW 101 Elementary Hawaiian I (4 cr.)
HAW 102 Elementary Hawaiian II (4 cr.)
HAW 201 Intermediate Hawaiian I (4 cr.)
MUS 176 (cross listed as HWST176) History of Hawaiian Music (3 cr.)
MUS 114H Hawaiian Chorus (2 cr.)
MUS 132 Applied Hawaiian Music (taken twice) (2 cr.)
MUS 295 Hawaiian Music Capstone (2 cr.)

Elective Courses (must total a minimum of 9 credits)

HAW 104 Hawai‘i – Language Through Hula (3 cr.)
HWST 107 Hawai‘i – Center of the Pacific (3 cr.)
HAW 202 Intermediate Hawaiian II (4 cr.)
HWST 205A (no more than one of three offered aphas) (2 cr.)
MUS 107 World Music Cultures (3 cr.)
MUS 121C Elementary Class Piano I (2 cr.)
MUS 121D Elementary Guitar I (2 cr.)
MUS 121F Elementary Slack Key Guitar (2 cr.)
MUS 121G Elementary Hawaiian Steel Guitar (2 cr.)
MUS 121Z Beginning ‘Ukulele (2 cr.)
MUS 122C Elementary Class Piano II (2 cr.)
MUS 122D Elementary Guitar II (2 cr.)
MUS 123 Beginning Voice Class (2 cr.)
MUS 124 Intermediate Voice Class (2 cr.)
MUS 180 Basic Theory and Aural Skills (2 cr.)
MUS 271 Intro To Music Technology (2 cr.)
MUS 272 Digital Recording Techniques (2 cr.)

• The program director may, at his discretion, allow other classes to be counted as electives.

Recommended Schedule

The A.S.C. in Hawaiian Music is a two year program, and the table below shows a typical progression over the course of two years. We recognize that some students may find it difficult to maintain the course load necessary to complete the program in that amount of time. In such cases, the faculty coordinator can work with the student to come up with a schedule that would allow for completion of the program in three years. The faculty coordinator may also adjust the order of required or elective classes when circumstances necessitate such an adjustment.

HAW 101 Elementary Hawaiian I (Req. class, 4 cr.)
HWST/MUS 176 History of Hawaiian Music (Req. class, 3 cr.)
MUS 132 Applied Hawaiian Music (Req. class, 2 cr.)
One elective classes

HAW 102 Elementary Hawaiian II (Req. class, 4 cr.)
MUS 114H Hawaiian Chorus (Req. class, 2 cr.)
MUS 180 Basic Theory and Aural Skills (Req. class, 2 cr.)
One elective classes

HAW 201 Intermediate Hawaiian I (Req. class, 4 cr.)
MUS 132 Applied Hawaiian Music (Req. class, 2 cr.)
Two elective classes

MUS 290v Art and Business of Music (Req. class, 3 cr.)
MUS 290v Hawaiian Music Capstone (Req. class, 2 cr.)
One or two elective classes