Frequently Asked Questions

What is offered at the Lahaina Ed Center?

The mainstay of the Lahaina Education Center is an offering of University of Hawaii Maui College credit program courses – delivered via lecturer who is teaching via the distance learning HITS program. Students all over the state attend at various outreach centers via a closed-circuit TV system.  Each site is equipped with cameras and microphones, so that students may interact with each other and with their instructor, in real time.

Who can use the Lahaina Ed Center?

In addition to students who are  taking live lecture or HITS courses on site, the Center is also available to all UHMC students – even if attending at another campus – for test proctoring, placement testing, use of the computer lab and more.

Is everything held at the Lahaina Ed Center sponsored by UH Maui College or the University of Hawaii?

The Lahaina Education Center occasionally rents meeting space to businesses or other segments of the community.  However, the UHMC students are the first priority.    If you would like to learn more about renting options, please call 662-3911 or email Lahaina Ed Center Coordinator, Marti Wukelic via

Occasionally we co-sponsor community events.

I already have an A.A. degree.  Is there anything at the Lahaina Ed Center for me?

Via MCC’s University Center, neighbor island students are able enroll in a variety of Bachelor and Master degree programs.  These courses are taken in a variety of ways, including HITS, internet, cable TV, video streaming and video conferencing.  Not all, but some of these options may be available through the Lahaina Education Center.   

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