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UH Maui College Program Review Process

The UH Maui College Program Review process is guided by a Vision, Mission, Core Values and Institutional Learning Outcomes that are grounded in how UH Maui College “Inspires Learning” among our students, within our community and among colleagues. Each year UH Maui College degree programs collect and review evidence of a Program Learning Outcome at an exit level course appropriate for each program. Parallel to this review, an assessment team reviews one College-wide Academic and Student Learning Outcome, also at an exit level course at the level appropriate for each program. The outcome of this process is a list of recommendations that emerge into planning priorities for the next year. In some cases these recommendations involve requests for funding, however, most recommendations relate to pedagogical improvements. This process is repeated annually, moving on to the review of the next program and general education outcome. Over time, each program and general education outcome is reviewed and then the process begins again in earnest.