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Program Overview

CA, CO, AAS / 16-67 credits

The Business Technology career ladder is competency based and focuses on the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to prepare for office positions in government or industry. The curriculum includes specialties, as well as general offerings, to broaden students’ background and to enhance employment and promotion possibilities.

This program focuses on the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for a variety of office positions. The curriculum is designed to broaden the student’s background and enhance employment and promotion possibilities. Business Technology students develop a high level of proficiency with computers and business software.

The Business Technology umbrella offers two Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees with specialties in Information Processing and Medical Office Specialist II; a Certificate of Achievement (C.A.) in Business Technology; and Certificates of Competence (C.O.) in Business Technology, Medical Office Specialist I, and Virtual Office Assistant.

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