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The real question may be: "Do we know what sustainability really is?". We know our best science has identified unsustainable conditions which threaten our world and even our existence. Even doing our best, various factors impede our getting it right. Realistically, sustainability requires that we accept uncertanity and our limitaitons, with a commitment to improve on a continuing basis. The bottom line is, sustainability is all about humans, we cause the problems and we can find the answers. And truth be known, it is our own sustainability at stake.

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Careers in Sustainable Science Management

Sustainability is a relatively recent field. Sustainability career paths and best practices are becoming more broadly accepted across disciplines. The fields listed below are some of the options available to prospective SSM graduates.

“I knew I had a passion for preserving natural ecosystems and I was interested in new technologies that could lower human impact on the planet. Now in my senior year in the program I enjoy applying sustainability theories and processes to real world solutions. The program helped me get an internship that turned into a paid position at a local renewable energy company, Pacific Biodiesel and I am really enjoying the work I do as the Marketing Coordinator.”

Kate Cheney, SSM Alumni 2017

With the use of the term "sustainability" in job titles becoming increasingly popular, the demand for sustainability-related occupations is expected to rise. Efficiency, impact reduction, stakeholder development, and actual cost analysis will all be weaved into more job descriptions in the coming years. As a result, additional chances for independent-minded graduates to create their own entrepreneurial or advocacy jobs will develop.

Other jobs may include and are not limited too:

Development Director, Account Manager, Director of Sustainability, Sustainable Facilities Coordinator, Sustainability Plan Developer, Policy Coordinator, Renewable Energy Systems Specialist, Manager, Environmental Sustainability, Sustainable Project Analyst/Assistant, Energy Efficiency Specialist, Editor, Environmental Educator, High School Teacher, Clean Technology Marketing Specialist, Sustainability Graduate Research Assistant and Risk Assesment Analyst.