The TLC Computer Lab allows students to access their E-Mails, study on Laulima for Distance Education, and access software required for their courses.  Printing is also available. 10 cents for black and while pages, $1.00 for color pages. Print cards are available for purchase at The Learning Center. We also offer access to the UH Maui College WIFI and if you need help configuring your computer please ask anyone one of our staff for assistance.

The Learning Center Computer Lab has 25 Dell computers and 6 iMac computers. The computer labs are not open to the public, and all users must be registered for the current semester. We provide earphones for listing to audio on the computers. If all computers are in use, students who are doing work related to their courses will have priority. You may be asked to give up your computer if you are not using the computer for course related work.

Computer Usage Policy

By using a TLC computer, you agree to all TLC Computer Lab rules and policies. Failure to comply with any of the rules or policies will result in immediate removal from the lab. NO food or drinks are allowed to be consumed while using a TLC computer.

  1. You will be asked to leave the lab immediately if:
  2. Please LOG OUT if you are going to leave your computer unattended. If you leave the lab area, you are giving up your computer.
  3. DO NOT change any of the computer settings OR install software.
  4. It is illegal to copy or distribute software and its documentation without the permission of the copyright owner. If you are caught copying or downloading copyrighted software, legal action will be taken against you. Please refer to the following link for a complete list of copyright policies. see
  5. There will only be one seat per station. Do not move chairs within the lab or bring any outside chairs from the TLC Study Area into the computer lab. The computer lab is not a group work area, please take your conversations outside.
  6. Use of cell phones are prohibited (including but not limited to voice calling, or texting which involves audible notification). Please answer your phone calls outside of the  lab and silence any ringers or notifications while using computers.


TLC users can print from any computer. If you are using your personal laptop, you will need to transfer your document to a TLC computer in order to print.

Only single-sided printing on 8.5″ x 11″ (letter size) library paper is allowed. No double-sided printing, no legal paper size, no transparencies, no user-supplied paper.

You must have a UHMC ID Card or a Pharos Print to print from computers in the library. Pharos Print Cards may be purchased at the card machine in the computer lab, or UHMC Library for $1.00.

Black and white printing costs $0.10 per page; color printing costs $1.00 per page. You will need to add money using the Add Value station. The Add Value machine does not take coins.

Printing from Laptops is also available.


Self-service copying is available for TLC users. The copier only provides black & white copies. Copying is $0.10 per copy. The machine only accepts cash, in any denomination. The UHMC ID Card or Pharos Print Card will not work on the copy machine. TLC Staff can only provide limited support for the copy machine.


TLC users are responsible for abiding by the United States Copyright Act of 1976. A failure to observe the provisions of the Copyright Act is a serious matter and may expose you to liability. Photocopying books without authorization infringes on Copyright Law.


WIFI access is available to registered students. Student conduct code for computer usage also applies to using the Internet while connected to the UHMC WIFI network. see