Distance Learning Test Proctor Form


These guidelines and procedures for on-line testing and test proctoring were developed due to the increasing numbers of distance learning classes and students in the UH System. The guidelines and procedures ensure distance learning students throughout the UH system are provided professional test proctoring services for University of Hawaiʻi courses on all major islands in the State. (references: Executive Policy E5.204, VPPP Johnsrud memorandum of April 17, 2006, and VPPP Sathre memoranda of January 2, 2002 and January 29, 2002)


Instructors are expected to know and adhere to these distance learning testing and test proctoring guidelines:

  1. Tests for on-line courses should be administered on-line.
  2. It is the responsibility of the distance learning instructor to inform his/her students of materials needed for all course tests.
  3. Only distance learning faculty are authorized to make changes or corrections to their course tests. Changes or corrections cannot and will not be made by testing center personnel.

Although every effort will be made to accommodate faculty requests for testing dates and times, because of increased demand for services at individual University of Hawaiʻi testing sites, exact testing dates and times may vary slightly due to the testing site’s normal business hours and limitations of space and staff.


  1. All Distance learning instructors who require proctoring services for the students in their distance courses must complete the University of Hawaiʻi Distance Learning Test Proctoring Request Form and mail, email or fax the form to Testing Coordinator, Melissa Yoshioka. Tests received without this form will not be administered and will be returned to the faculty member.
  2. Contact Information:
    Email: uhmctlc@hawaii.edu
    Mail: UH Maui College Box#76
    Attn: Melissa Yoshioka
    Kahului, HI 96732
    Phone: 808.984.3589
  3. Note that the Test Proctoring form asks faculty to:
    • provide each test site with a list of students (and their Banner IDs) who will be taking the test at that test site. It is also requested that the faculty attach a list of all students in the class and their Banner IDs, in case students decide to change test sites. Each student taking a test will be required to show a current photo ID.
    • determine the range of acceptable testing dates. Tests will NOT be administered before or after the specified dates unless you provide the testing site with written permission via fax or email. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the faculty member for permission to take a test outside the testing dates.
    • provide each test center with an adequate number of paper copies of the test (for distance learning classes taught in modalities other than on-line, i.e., interactive video, or in the event that tests cannot be administered on-line). In these cases, the number of paper copies of the test should include a couple of additional copies for the situations where students may decide to change test sites, Each of the test copies must include the course title/number, the faculty member’s name and originating campus.
    • advise testing center personnel what items students are allowed to use during testing, e.g., calculators, rulers, etc. Testing centers will NOT provide materials/supplies beyond the basics of pens/pencils and scratch paper.
  4. Forward the completed Test Proctoring Request forms with the appropriate number of copies of the test to each applicable site where students will report for testing. Be sure to forward the test materials in ample time to ensure that tests are received by the testing site at least five (5) working days prior to the desired test administration date; at the discretion of the testing site coordinator, tests received four days or less before the first testing date may not be administered.
  5. Faculty should advise students to review testing center information and to contact the testing center before the test date. Testing centers have varying procedures and testing hours. Some test centers require appointments.

Resource: http://uhonline.hawaii.edu/fsproctoring