UHMC Budget and Planning

UHMC Budget and Planning

As part of its budget and planning process, UHMC regularly engages the campus community through campus-wide events.

In response to the current budget environment, UHMC is going through two phases for budget planning: first, a 16% cut scenario for 2020-2021 that will be completed by September 30, 2020 and second, a long term vision for Maui College and resources required to support this vision. This second phase is projected to take approximately a year.  Please see below for a timeline of how the campus will kick off a series of campus wide discussions across units, programs, and departments to inform the community and gather feedback as the college re-envisions its role in Maui Nui. In 2015, 2016, and 2018, the event allowed members of the campus to vote on budget priorities that had risen from program reviews. Prior to the event, video presentations explaining each budget item and the units from which they came, were available for public viewing.

In 2019, the campus event allowed members of the campus community to be updated in Strategic Directions work and prepare for the 2020 budget cycle. Information from past events can be found below. The current budget process cycle for 2020 is illustrated below.

2020 Campus Budget Re-envisioning Process

2020 Campus Budget Process



Moving Forward & Post Pandemic

Planning and Budget Process: To manage the uncertainty of the future, the Student Affairs unit will practice strategic foresight that provides the capacity to sense, shape and adapt to change as it happens. The following iterative phases will create loops of feedback cycles that guide the learning process towards change and emergence from the crisis.


Navigate Uncertainty (September, 2020) How can the University of Hawaii Maui College (UHMC) Student Affairs prepare for an unpredictable future while managing the urgent demands of the present? What do you think the future holds in store for UHMC?


Rapid and effective virus control: virus contained (UHMC campus closed - telework; online learning and virtual services)


Effective response but (county) virus resurgence: virus recurrence (UHMC reopen-with contingencies; online learning and virtual services)


Broad challenge of public-health interventions: pandemic escalation (contact tracing, testing & vaccines)


UH system faces an exigency of the crisis and the need for significant change to achieve structural (not one-time) savings (UH RP 9.203)

Overall Thematic Strategy: Strategic Enrollment Management (Growth) Action Plans How will Student Affairs make decisions?
Consensus Model of Decision Making (Reversible Decisions & Irreversible Decisions)
Phase 1.2-3: Administration & Budget Committee List of Priorities
Phase 1.4: Executive Council List of Priorities
Phase 1.5: Chancellor - Final List of Campus Budget Priorities


Strengthening the Link Between Planning and Operations: Student Affairs Academic Review of Program Data (ARPD Assessment/Improvement Plan) (October, 2020). Implementing Ka'ao Framework for student success.


Economic and Workforce Development (Student Focus) - UHMC Collaboratory Capacity Building and Leveraging Resources: Communication, Connections and Collaboration (November, 2020)
Fueled by teams, communication and connecting, the loops identified in each phase intend to develop momentum in a dynamic relationship between the present and the future. The University of Hawaii Maui (UHMC) will survive and thrive going forward. This emerging process intends to build resilience for both students, UHMC faculty/staff and its surrounding communities as we move through this crisis and into the future.

2019 Campus Planning Event

2018 Campus Budget and Planning Event Information

2018 Administration Budget Request Video Presentations

Academic Affairs Budget Requests
Administrative Affairs Budget Requests
IT/Media Budget Requests
Student Affairs Budget Requests
UH Center/OCET Budget Requests

2018 Strategic Directions Video Presentations

Community Needs and Workforce Development
Hawai'i Papa O Ke Ao
Quality of Learning
Student Success

2016 Campus Budget and Planning Event Information

Spring 2016 Campus Budget Event (March 11, 2016) Information

8:00-8:30am Coffee and pastries in ‘Ike Le‘a atrium

8:30-8:45am Welcome by Chancellor

8:45-9:15am Q&A panel of Administration

9:15-11:15am Strategic Directions Theme Presentations

11:20-11:35am Voting

11:35-12:30pm Lunch and Door Prizes in Pā‘ina

2016 Video Presentations

Academic Affairs
Information Technology
UH Center and OCET
Administrative Affairs
Student Affairs