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The Maui Hub: Straight From Maui Farms To Maui Families

The Maui Hub: Straight From Maui Farms To Maui Families
January 20, 2021 Aysha Jarnesky

Aloha Maui! There’s a new way to shop for Maui grown produce and products that will spark your interest especially if you care about sustainability on our island. The Maui Hub is an online platform and non-profit organization that connects local Maui farmers and their produce with the community. It’s important to know where your food comes from. Not only is it sustainable, but it’s the healthiest and cleanest way to shop as well. Personally for me and my family, we feel a sense of contentment when we know that our produce is organically grown in Maui soil, we purchase Maui-grown produce as much as possible. When I heard about The Maui Hub, I had to give it a try. I was beyond satisfied with the experience and produce and will be shopping with them from now on. This was my experience.


I sat at the table with my grandmother. We were excited to browse for fresh Maui-grown produce. When you go to Mauihub.org, the first thing you’ll notice is a map that informs you of how the process works. It’s super simple- shop from noon on Saturdays to 11pm on Tuesdays and pick up your order at designated locations the following Saturday. We created an account, browsed and chose the vegetables we needed. This round, I chose okra, purple sweet potatoes, radishes and watermelon radishes, carrots, and watercress. I found it so cool because each item shows what farm on Maui it comes from, the items price, and how much you get.

Maui hub.org

When Saturday rolled around, I drove to the cul-de-sac at the entrance of Kamehameha school to receive my produce. I live in Makawao, and that is the designated pick up location for upcountry. It was a quick and easy drive up and pay process. I was filled with even more joy when I found out that they take food stamps. Not only that, but they participate in Da Bux program which cut the price down even more! My order totaling $53.75 was cut down to $38. I was thrilled! I went home to unpack my goods and get the vegetables washed up. I couldn’t believe how simple it now was to get organic, Maui grown produce all in one place. Normally I’d go to a farmers market or grocery store to find these things but now I can just order them online and do a quick pick up. What adds more appeal is that by pre-ordering produce, farmers can grow, crop, or pack just enough for the buyer without wasting any produce. Everything about this is a win-win all around.

Photograph Provided By Aysha Jarnesky
Photograph Provided By Aysha Jarnesky

I am still amazed at such an easy and beneficial new way to shop sustainably. The quality of my produce was unmatched, and I was especially impressed with the okra and radishes. It truly feels good to eat produce grown in Maui soil, by Maui people. It’s great to know that my food hasn’t travelled far before it reached my plate, and that it’s not only sustainable but also the least contaminated. I choose to be conscious about my food choices, and The Maui Hub makes buying with purpose a breeze. It might be me, but I really think the produce even tastes better! There is something magical about eating Maui grown produce, that you can’t get anywhere in the world. I will continue to shop with intent and community in mind, and to keep the cycle of sustainable aloha flowing through purchasing produce that is literally grown by the mana of Maui.

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