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Introducing The Holo Holo Challenge- A New Way To Mingle And Stay Fit!

Introducing The Holo Holo Challenge- A New Way To Mingle And Stay Fit!
September 9, 2021 Britney Bautista

Aloha Students! I’d like to introduce a new idea and series of events called the Holo Holo Walking Events brought to you by Hoohui club! So far we’ve had three trial Holo Holo Walking Events. This initiative was inspired by a need for UHMC students to have another outlet to meet new friends and instructors while promoting health, fitness and healthy eating. There were two participants who came, a student and a faculty staff member. We did a warm-up and then started a two mile walk around the campus. We then got to sit and chat while having water and refreshments! The goal is to continue these HoloHolo walking events, have more students on board, and to create a bond of lifelong friendships while attending our Maui College.

The overall process of creating the Holo Holo Walking Program was simple. The first thing I did was email Albert Paschoal, UHMC Student Life Director and he was immediately on board with me starting this walking program. Since the start, I’ve been working with Special Olympics Hawaii, Albert Paschoal and Breannalye Rodriguez, Student Government SG where they both help me by providing a campus map and planning the route, making the flyer and sending it out through Maui Announcements and students, sending reminders to everyone on campus, get the order ready to get the snacks and water bottles for my walking program, and supporting me throughout this program. Recently, I received move bands to give to my participants that keeps track of their steps, miles, blood pressure and other things as well and there are incentives that I received from Special Olympics Hawaii for the miles the participants walk.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health and our daily routines have changed and sometimes we may feel like what is the purpose of going out and as restrictions loosen up, I’m glad I organized this program to get outside and get away from anything distracting. If you or anyone you know who is enrolled at UHMC is interested in joining Hoohui Club and/or HoloHolo Walking Program please contact me at britneyb@hawaii.edu for more information. We meet at the great lawn near Piko stage at 10 AM every Saturday or Sunday, dates may change, check your emails for any updates/cancellations! Masks are no longer required but feel free to bring a mask and a positive attitude to uplift others during our walk. Bring the family if you want!

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