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Good Policies Depend On Good Debates

Good Policies Depend On Good Debates
November 10, 2021 Sam Peralta
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It is said that you can’t get a good public policy without a good public debate. To support the coronavirus stricken economy the Federal Reserve has printed unprecedented amounts of money. About 20% of all US dollars were created this year. According to the Feds, almost one in five dollars were created in 2020. As Feds pump $3 trillion dollars (million times a million x3) into the economy, what is the true cost of our safety? Because the cost isn’t safe.

This creeping authoritarianism in the name of public safety is increasing distrust. It is costing us a lot of money. And we still have the dangers of new variants and normalized mandates. The main question here is are we using our children’s money to prop us up? Politicians with secure jobs who feel safe within their own families and in their secure jobs are defaulting to medical professions. Are they handing their power to foreign affairs? Are they the ones truly making the decisions?

What about us younger generations? We value our education, but are not able to be on our campuses. We are struggling to find affordable housing, and according to UHERO data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics more than 20% of Maui lost their jobs last year, which is the highest in the state. What is the true cost for public safety? Our children’s future, public distrust, submissive policy makers?

With that said, I am grateful for our Maui county’s initiatives. Their leadership, strategic planning, and the direction we are going in environmental efforts. I am grateful for the resourcing of our education, and efforts in affordable housing. But as a millennial I want to make sure I’m using my voice to share my concerns. Modern issues in Hawaii such as Mauna Kea T.M.T., Maui Water diversions, commercial fishing, etc. is coming to the surface of the public. Can our current local governance make decisions for the people? I know we can. We just don’t trust those from over there. 

As our Nation’s debt continues to skyrocket, we need to build strong global citizens here at home. Small communities, villages, neighborhoods need to work together and create pockets of mutual trust, trade, and exchange. We can no longer trade off our younger generations’ future and Hawaii’s values for short term public comfort and private corporate profit. We cannot leave these younger generations to fend for themselves. We cannot give our power to those who are not from here. 

Right now the cultural and political polarization in Hawai’i is doing a better job at influencing our people rather than us influencing our own. Let’s rise up, let’s not be afraid. Let’s use our voice to create good policies because it is said- you can’t get good policies without a good public debate.

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