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Meet Our Ho’oulu Student Writers.

Meet Our Ho’oulu Student Writers.
November 17, 2020 Aysha Jarnesky

Aloha! I’m Aysha Jarnesky, the current editor of Ho’oulu Student News. It’s the Fall semester of year 2020, and as this unprecedented year quickly nears its end, I’d like to introduce myself as well as a couple of our current Ho’oulu Student News writers and contributors. I surveyed Britney Bautista and Kili’ohu Robis- two skilled and talented student writers who will be highlighted in this article along with myself. These students shine with determination and work hard to find noteworthy Maui-based news stories that reflect our unique island lifestyle, student perspectives, and community buzz. Here is a little about us.

Britney Bautista

Britney Bautista is an 18 year old second year student majoring in early childhood education. She shares that she has a learning disability and is very involved in the Special Olympics Of Hawaii. Britney’s favorite topics to write about are ‘About Me’ stories as well as current life experiences and events. She pulls inspiration from the people around her as well as past experiences, but what has been most influential for her are past and present English and Language arts teachers. As an adolescent Britney would create stories and books, then as she grew she discovered she was a natural in public speaking. This led to other endeavors and a knack for writing speeches.

Ho’oulu Student Writer Britney Bautista

“Writing energizes me because once I’m given a topic or have an idea, I immediately start planning. I tend to write more and it depends on the information I gather and the topic. Writing is a way to calm down and it’s only you and nobody else is influencing you or bothering you,” Britney shared. Her writing goals are to better her grammar and punctuation skills and to grow in creating structured and organized articles. She intends to strive to become more detailed and vulnerable through words.

Kili’ohu Robis

Kili’ohu Robis has attended University of Hawaii Maui College for two years. She is 20 years old with a current major of Liberal Arts. One thing she shared was a unique fact about her that not many people know of. Kili’ohu has a syndrome called ‘Digeorge Syndrome’ that is not a disease but a condition which can cause heart defects and poor immune function. Still, she does not let her condition stop her from creating effective and interesting articles. She is a talented artist as well and her favorite topics to write about are anything within the realms of the supernatural. She considers herself an expert on mystical beings like ghosts, spirits, mermaids, witches and wizards.

Ho’oulu Student Writer Kili’ohu Robis

“My goal for writing is to spread happiness with the things I talk about and write about. Sometimes writing gets exhausting but most times it’s fun to do.” Ho’oulu is looking forward to a possible new venture for Kili’ohu, one that would combine her writing and drawing abilities-comics.

Aysha Jarnesky

I’m a 31 year old first year student and first time editor currently majoring in Human Services. I enjoyed reading during childhood and learned early on the basics on how to construct intriguing and thought provoking writings. I wrote short stories and entered and won youth writing contests during elementary school. I always kept a diary or journal and scored highly in English and language arts. Throughout my twenties I took an interest in writing and performing arts which led me to take courses at the songwriting school of Los Angeles. Something unique about me is that I read tarot cards and enjoy providing spiritual enlightenment for others. I challenged myself by taking this position as editor in hopes of achieving growth and more knowledge in becoming a skilled and persuasive writer. I hated school during high school due to internal and familial hardships which I’ve overcome. Now I love getting involved at institutes of higher education because I’ve realized that there are so many opportunities to evolve here. My goal for writing is mostly to raise awareness on issues affecting our Maui community and specifically women’s empowerment.

Ho’oulu Student News Editor Aysha Jarnesky

Come join us! Ho’oulu Student News is always on the lookout for new student writers to share fresh perspectives and ideas. Students can become a part of our team and get paid for simply exercising their first amendment right by contributing as writers, photographers, and reporters of relevant local and worldly news. We highly encourage students, businesses, non-profit or for-profit organizations, and any community members to get in touch and share your stories and endeavours. Contact newsuhmc@hawaii.edu or follow our social media on instagram @uhmc.student.news and facebook at Ho’oulu (UH Maui College Student Newspaper) to become a writer or share your story.

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