Welcome to the University of Hawaii Maui College Aquaponics

The Sustainable Living Institute of Maui has launched the WaiPono Farm at University of Hawaii Maui College to develop, model and promote innovative, sustainable food systems methods and practices in controlled environment greenhouses in urban and rural settings using aquaponics and hydroponics growing technologies, capacity building frameworks, and education programs to support food security, economic development through food innovation and regenerative agriculture, and engagement with the United Nations’s sustainable development goals in Hawaii and the Pacific region.In partnership with Hui No Ke Ola Pono, WaiPono Farm is hosting the Greenhouse Technician and Food Innovation training program in Spring-Summer 2019. Applications are required. Contact Program Coordinator Nicolette van der Lee, 808-984-3379 or email for more information.

WaiPono Farm Greenhouse

Created controlled environment greenhouse for aquaponics and hydroponic systems training facility. Received IACUC approval to raise tilapia in aquaponics systems. Coordinated workforce trainings funded by DLIR, Kamehameha Schools, Maui Hui Malama, and Hui No Ke Ola Pono. Established on-going partnerships  with Apprenticeship program, Maui Food Innovation Center and Culinary Department. Location: CTAHR Garden, UHMC

Regenerative Aquaculture Center

Develop and model a regenerative aquaculture center promoting indigenous knowledge and modern technologies to raise sustainable aquaculture species including tilapia, hybrid striped bass, and freshwater prawns. Build a local hatchery and insect farm to supply community resources for vibrant aquaculture and agriculture systems, food innovation, and economic development in Maui Nui.     Unique Features:
  • Loko wai inland fishpond aquaponics system
  • Sustainable construction model using repurposed shipping containers, locally grown bamboo, green roof, and PV battery energy supply.
  • Hatchery and open air fish tanks to grow local supply of tilapia, hybrid striped bass, and freshwater prawns.
  • Outdoor classroom to provide workforce and community trainings.
  • Location: Fields adjacent to Community Garden